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Recycling Challenge: Tips for Ideas

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Our Recycling Challenge is already proving to be an exciting global call to action that's inspiring people to rethink their relationship with waste. With over 300 contributions to the Research phase, the conversation is energised with thoughtful stories, examples and insights. And we’re just getting started – from a community member who went out to talk to his local recycling plant, to the brave members who took on our Zero Waste Challenge by eliminating all waste for a week – we’re pumped to keep the positive energy moving. 

In preparation for the Ideas phase, the OpenIDEO Team, our sponsors and experts sat down to gather insights around all of the rich contributions from the Research phase. Together we identified emerging patterns and themes that clearly resonated with the community, driving action and momentum around recycling. As we turn our attention to the Ideas phase, we hope you’ll spend some time digging into these Opportunity Areas and Missions to help you get started:

1. Helping Habits Stick
The combination of education, social support and convenience are key to successful lifestyle changes. What new tricks might help habits stick? 

2. Demystifying Recycling 
How can we make the process of recycling more transparent – and make our personal impact clearer? 

3. Make Recycling Fun
What elements of gamification can we introduce to kick-start better recycling behaviours? How can we build on existing tools to make recycling more fun and interesting? 

4. Design for Social Nudges 
How can we harness the power of social pressure to improve recycling in communities? What initiatives, schemes or comparison tools might encourage us to recycle just as well as those around us? 

5. Hacking our Homes 
What can we learn from creative home hackers? Could physical objects or space design prompt us to recycle better? 

6. Engaging Young People and Kids
How can we utilise kids curiosity when it comes to waste? What games, adventures and educational tools might activate children as enthusiastic recycling role-models? 

Read more about these Opportunity Areas to help guide your thinking in the Ideas phase. You might also want to check out our Missions, found on the left hand sidebar of the challenge page. Missions will look familiar from the Research phase, and will be great for helping you take action around a specific idea.

Now's the time to put our collective insights into motion. Check the Brainstorm in a Box to start thinking creatively around your new ideas. Or try mapping out your user's journey. This fun tool by and +Acumen is a great way to understand your user's needs from the get-go. Looking for a group perspective? Join a meetup near you and dive into some fresh conversation. 

What new ideas will these Opportunity Areas spark for you? Share them with us!

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