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E-Waste Challenge: Q&A with Itaú

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Our E-Waste Challenge Concepting phase is brimming with fresh thinking, new ideas and plenty of inspiring conversations. To round out our understanding even further, we checked in with Marcio Oliveira, innovation manager at Itaú, to hear more about why Itaú believes e-waste is an issue worth tackling — and to get a sense of the kinds of community concepts Marcio and his teammates are most excited to see. 

For people who might not know, what is Itaú Unibanco? 

Itaú Unibanco is among the world’s 10 largest banks in market value. With nearly 102,600 employees throughout the world, Itaú Unibanco features a service network with 32,974 Bank Service Locations in Brazil and abroad. Its operations extend to over 1000 Brazilian cities, not to mention branches and offices in other countries of the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Currently, it stands out in the Brazilian credit card markets; and in Latin America, it has achieved the record of 1 million credit cards and is the largest private bank.
To Itaú Unibanco, sustainability means maintaining business in the short, mid and long term, which enables lasting delivery that is of value to the parties interested. Our vision – “to be the leading bank in sustainable performance and client satisfaction” – confirms this significance, and advances resulting from this positioning can be seen in various strategic areas. You can learn more about Itaú Unibanco here.
Why is e-waste an issue that matters to Itaú, to Brazilians, and to all of us?
This subject is interesting for all of us because we all need to strengthen our vision of a sustainable society, reduce environmental risks, reinsert our raw materials in the production chain, mitigate risks of environmental crimes and reduce the risk of information leaks.
What kinds of concepts are you most excited to see in our current Concepting phase?
There is no single solution to our global e-waste issues, but we are especially excited to see community concepts that begin to answer a number of questions we care about:
- Consumer awareness and behavior: how can we help everyone learn more about e-waste and change how we manage it in our own communities, regardless of geography, socioeconomic status, education level or other factors?
- Product design: how can we encourage companies and manufacturers to design products that are built to last?
- Culture: how can we design solutions that are flexible and adaptable enough to succeed in different cultures, languages and norms?
- Policy: how can our concepts support companies, like Itaú, that want to encourage their local and federal governments to create policies that support better e-waste management?
What excites you most about this OpenIDEO challenge?
We see this challenge as an opportunity to think globally about this issue and to discuss e-waste with people all over the world. It’s also a nice way to engage people inside the bank and we hope to reach our customers too. It makes us wonder and realize that the problem is real, it’s close to everybody.
Cheers, Marcio, for your input and enthusiasm. Ready to start collaborating for social good? Head over to our Concepting phase and join the fun.
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E-waste Challenge


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