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Our New Terms of Use for OpenIDEO

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Whether you're signing on to OpenIDEO for the first time, or you're a seasoned community member, you will notice a revision to our Terms of Use as of today.

We have made these revisions to make use and operation of the site more transparent to you. We'll be asking you to agree them first before contributing to the platform.

Here's a quick rundown on the changes we've made:

1. Being more open and explicit about our use of cookies.

The new Terms simply inform you about the types and names of cookies we're using on the site. This is in compliance with the new European Law on "Cookies". The laws introduced by the Information Commissions Office (ICO) on the 26th May 2012 required websites to make their use of cookies more explicit and to allow users to opt out of the storage of cookies on their computer. Here are examples of the few cookies that we do use.

__umta, __umtb, __umtc, __umtz
These Cookies are used by Google Analytics to provide usage reports for

There is no personal data stored in these cookies, however they provide us invaluable statistics which we use when improving the site. More information can be found here.

This cookie is used by to allocate a unique identifier for use in creating a more secure session between the client browser and the server.

This cookie is used by to store session data and improve
the User’s browsing experience. 

2. Making it clear that:

- A user does not need to disclose personally identifiable information, e.g. a
photograph, data of birth, full name, to register and use the Site.

- Users/Entrants are prohibited from posting Contributions that breach third party

3. Telling you a little more about Virtual Teams and the rights associated with Virtual Team members.

4. Advising you that the Site is currently hosted on Amazon servers in the USA.

5. Explaining how we handle Users’ personal information and your options if you login using Facebook Connect.

6. Simplifying the process to join a Challenge and removing the lengthy Challenge Rules by incorporating these into the Terms of Use. 
You will still need to accept the Challenge when first submitting a Contribution and any Challenge-specific “rules" that are unique to one particular challenge will be made clear on the Site.

We aim to make use and operation of the site as transparent as possible and we hope these new Terms help us achieve that goal.

Feel free to send us questions or feedback at See you soon in one of our challenges!

Haiyan and the OpenIDEO Team
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