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What You Want: OpenIDEO Survey Results

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As the stars of our platform, we want to learn more about who you all were and what your favorite parts of OpenIDEO are on a consistent basis. Here’s some highlights from our initial foray into community surveys. Scroll to the bottom for a link to full results. 
We always wonder if we’re sending enough, too many, or too few emails. It was interesting to see that over 80% of OpenIDEO collaborators want email notifications between phases. We're going to test this out and look forward to any feedback about if it is helpful in following our progress.
Of those who responded, our community is approximately 1/4 design professionals, 1/8 entrepreneurs, 1/8 students, 1/8 managers at large companies, and 1/10 educators. You can see other occupations listed but the slices were small so we didn't include their exact percentage. We’re really keen to engage a healthy mix of doers & thinkers to drive action and impact throughout and beyond each of our challenges.
Our respondents are looking for more ways to get involved than just using our platform. We're going to see if we can organise some meetups for brainstorming, ideating & prototyping. If you're interested in organising one and didn't respond to the survey above with your email, shoot us a note at
This result really aligns with our mission on the OpenIDEO team to drive impact beyond just ideas. In this question about 80% of the respondents are excited to see impact from parts of the challenge or after the challenge. Did you catch our blog post from our own Nathan Waterhouse on virtual teams enhancing community vibrancy? They started a venture based on collaboration on OpenIDEO. That may be more time than you have to spare, but can you help test & prototype out the ideas you're the most excited about and post back with your results? The entire community would be thrilled to hear from you.
Cheers for chiming in with your insights. Our current plan is to continue to survey those who followed the challenges near the end of each challenge & occasionally survey the whole community. Because we really believe we can be better, together.
Keen to know more? Check out the full  survey results .
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Those are all great survey to help people to know how the current challenges go and end to let people get an idea of how to solve a challenge by themselves with other people. Surveys are really works.