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We're off to a roaring start on the Maternal Health + Mobile Technology Challenge! Inspirations and commentary have been coming in thick and fast. It's great to have many familiar OpenIDEATORS in the house – joined by folks working in the area of mhealth, a retired doctor and other fresh faces. We're looking forward to hearing about more related products, services, campaigns and experiences over the next couple of weeks before we head into the Concepting Phase.


The IDEO Ghanasan team from the Sanitation Challenge have posted their report: New Opportunities for Urban Sanitation. They applauded the breadth of inspirations and creativity of concepts from the diverse OpenIDEO community. Human Centered Design has guided their approach to understand people's needs in new ways, find innovative solutions to meet those needs – and eventually to deliver solutions with financial sustainability in mind. Elsewhere our co-founder, Nathan Waterhouse reflects on presenting the i20 Innovation Challenge concepts at the White House.

And brilliant to see the community getting a shout out as one of the four great examples of social innovation right now!

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