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Activity abounds across the community of late! The Local Food Challenge has leapt to well over 250 inspirations in less than a week. Check out this inspiring message from Queensland's Premier, Anna Bligh, as she explains why this challenge is so meaningful to her community and globally. We're on a tight timeframe from the challenge – so come post your Inspirations soon! Next week you'll be able to wow us with your fresh Concepts on how we might better connect food production and consumption.
The Maternal Health Challenge a sprung a surprise Refinement Phase where shortlisted OpenIDEATORS are being asked to fine-tune their Concepts further. Twenty finalists were unveiled and conversations are still buzzing as their ideas grow with the help of experts and the ongoing support of our amazing community. The Bone Marrow Donation Challenge has been so rife with great ideas that we're extending the Concepting Phase to beyond the weekend! Get ideating and let's help curb cancer.
And our highlight from elsewhere this week would have to be this gem from our Community Champion in Latvia! Enjoy – and perhaps you'll also be inspired to share your tips and tricks for the community on our User Forums.
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