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Last week we co-hosted the OpenPlanetIdeas development day in London along with SONY who sponsored the challenge which asked How can we make the most of our planet's resources? What made the day special was the stellar collaborative spirit of those in the room – which included OpenIDEATORS who were flown in for the day. We worked in small groups focusing on user experience, game mechanics, geo-location and business models to collectively refine the winning concept: Greenbook by Paul Frigout. Conversations were lively – sparked by diverse minds and creative energy. Check out the Development Day video put together by OpenPlanetIdeas.

Inspirations continue to roll in on the Bone Marrow Donation Challenge. Less than a week to go to post your examples of donor innovations, ripple effects and personal experiences before we switch to the Concepting Phase on our mission to make a dent in cancer.And we love it when OpenIDEATORS take community-centered initiative to highlight gaps that need attention in our collective pursuit of social good!

This week features International Women's Day. What better way to support the cause than by submitting a concept on our Maternal Health Challenge? We're going to be doing our part with some brainstorming at IDEO offices – here's hoping you'll be contributing concepts from your end too! And if you want to make it more fun – grab a few buddies and use our brainstorming tips and the Brainstorm-in-a-Box toolkit to turn any space into an energised ideating one!

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