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Exciting times at OpenIDEO with two challenges on the go – because we know you like multi-tasking!

Our Sanitation Challenge just crossed 100 inspirations – from Haiti to Holland and Mumbai to Manila plus a lot in between. This is a special challenge for us as it's the first time we have an IDEO team interacting from the field and they're posting some great insights from on the ground in Ghana. They're also adding observations and reflections on their Ghanasan blog and tweeting from @ghanasan.

The Innovation Challenge is in the concepting phase with some provocative questions rolling in for global innovation leaders to address during their i20 summit in the new year. Don't forget to link up Inspiration posts to your Agenda Concepts using the Build Upon feature – you'll get more DQ points plus help connect the dots to existing innovations in this area. There's still many issues which could feature on the agenda – so let's get thinking about questions that we think could unlock discussion on pressing issues which require innovation. Stuck for an idea? There's plenty in the Inspiration phase which could be transformed into agenda questions.

We're loving how our OpenIDEATORS jump on board to help each other out with everything from translation to technical tips. And check out the OpenIDEO Community Tribune that Arjan Tupan started up on Twitter – using the fabulous online curation tool. It's great to see our community evolving and embracing the concept of open innovation.

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