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OpenIDEO Celebrates Social Business Day

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Happy Social Business Day, everyone – and what an eventful day it’s been!

For those of you who haven’t heard, June 28 is Worldwide Social Business Day, a global event hosted by our friends at Grameen Creative Lab. The purpose of the day is to celebrate social business around the world by learning about social entrepreneurs and their work. All day Grameen has been hosting webcasts with members of their team across the globe – you can check out all of the updates from their satellite offices here.

To celebrate our OpenIDEO Social Business Challenge and start our Concepting phase, members of the GCL team in Germany and Colombia hosted their own webcast for the OpenIDEO community. In short: it was terrific! Sophie and Margarita, two members of the GCL team, did a fantastic job explaining social business and life in Caldas, as well as answering all of your smart and thoughtful questions. In fact, you had *so* many terrific questions that the webcast actually ran over in time!

Here’s the slide outline that Sophie and Margarita followed, for those of you who couldn’t watch their presentation live:

And, here’s the recorded video from Sophie’s fab presentation from Germany:

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues with internet in Colombia, Margarita’s portion of the webcast didn’t get recorded. Talk about a real-life example of one of the constraints we might face in designing concepts for this challenge!

Still, here’s a photo of her, hard at work answering your questions with the help of a teammate in Caldas: 

In addition to the great chatting taking place during the webcast, there was quite a flurry of activity on Twitter. Community members Krassimira Iordanova, Avi Solomon, Koos Looijesteijn, Ben Zerbib, Ben Carey, and others tweeted up a storm!

And special thanks to superstar Arjan Tupan for leading the tweeting charge and collecting all the learnings from the webcast into one timeline. Check out Arjan’s list to see statistics, tid-bits and other learnings picked up by the community during the webcast. 

Some of the highlights include:

There is a culture of doing what your parents are doing in Caldas. So also many youngsters who want to be in food production

Our friends in Caldas are extremely welcoming. Even those that do not have much, share what they have.

There are quite some people that own the land they live on. Of course there are some huge haciendas and inequality as well.

Mobile phone coverage in Columbia is 84%. Some ppl have more than one, but many do not have enough cash to call.

 There is quite some work being done towards improving computer literacy.

92% literacy in Caldas, but the issue is retention in the education levels after primary school.

 Great to hear that Caldas has turned in a safer place

Caldas is a safe area in Columbia. Also in the remote places. Obviously, in the cities it might be slightly different.

Maybe interesting for the Fair Trade question - this article: - the problem with Fair Trade

 Cultural peculiarities are important in the choice of food (even bad food) in Caldas

Also interesting to know: enough arable land available and beneficial climate for other crops than coffee

Now on to the BEST news of the day: our Concepting phase for the Social Business Challenge has begun! 

Head on over to the challenge and check out the 6 Themes we’ve identified for this phase. To help get your creative energy flowing, we’ve also prepared a Brainstorm in a Box for you to use in this challenge. 

Remember, our two week Concepting round is lightning fast, so what are you waiting for? Gather up some friends, grab some pens and paper, and start OpenSTORMING!

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