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Local Food Challenge: Top 20 Ideas

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huge thank you to our incredible OpenIDEO community for your fantastic contributions to our Local Food Challenge!

It was tough work narrowing down over 600 concepts in to a Top 20 – but we're thrilled with the ideas that have emerged. Now we're eager to get your help to refine these brilliant concepts even further.

Here's some quick pointers on how the Refinement phase will work:

We've taken the top 10 from the Applause phase and combined them with a further 10 we feel that represent the broad range of themes coming through. During this phase, we hope our selected finalists will evolve their submissions based on feedback from the community, their virtual teams and our challenge team. To help you do this, we've added some questions within your post submission form. To view these, simply click the "Update This" button on your concept — and be sure to list any virtual team members who helped you refine your idea as they'll be awarded some extra DQ points for their input!

In addition to all the great OpenIDEATOR collaboration happening here during the Refine Phase, the Top 20 ideas will also be discussed in a two-day workshop at the Ideas Festival in Queensland, Australia next week. We'll be sure to post updates throughout the workshop — so stay tuned!

And with that, it's time to start refining! Check out the Top 20 Local Food Challenge shortlist and dig in to some tasty and fresh food concepts.

It's also worth noting that with over 600 concepts, there were a handful ideas that were similar to those selected. See below for a listing of the ideas that earned Honorable Mentions — perhaps these clever folks want to help the Top 20 incorporate some of their bright ideas?

Cheers for all of your great work – and see you over in Refinement!

The OpenIDEO Team


Local Food Challenge Honorable Mentions


Fruit Trees instead of Fences

What if we pulled fences down and planted fruit trees instead?



A social networking website, (and app), that networks between consumers, vendors (grocers, restaurants), and farms. The primary function would be to map vendors and the farms from where they receive produce. Utilize consumer ratings and locality of food to rate vendors serving locally produced foods. Main goal: food transparency! Seeing the people and places related to the food we consume at our fingertips.

Permablitz Brisbane

With 300+ events already taken place around the globe, the Permablitz concept is bringing edible backyards back to the suburbs. From Toowong to Texas, Yeronga to Uganda communities have been gathering to transform, inspire and share skills while collaboratively transforming the backyards, cafes and school gardens of the urban environment.
Permablitz Brisbane

Please Keep Farming

More and more farmers in countries like India quit farming and move to the cities to find a better job. We need to motivate these farmers to continue farming while inspiring entrepreneurs to start farming related activities.
Please Keep Farming

Mobile Public Kitchen - The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop brings the community kitchen and educational programs to you. The versatile commercial grade kitchen & classroom is equipped for bulk processing of poultry and vegetables as well as educational demonstrations, outreach, or even retail.
  The Chop Shop

Pop-up Community kitchen

Why not take a 'People's Kitchen' idea to the supermaket? The left over food from the day before is collected up and volunteers come and cook lunch in the supermarket car park. It provides a free lunch for the customers while encouraging them to think about where the food they are buying in store has come from/is going!
  Pop-up Community kitchen

Local food loyalty card

An incentive program to reward people for choosing local foods in grocery stores.
Local food loyalty card


According to MIT, 7.6% of Australian Drivers “ride share” to work. The other 92.4% go solo, and this concept offers them a chance to earn additional income by transporting goods from local farms to markets, on his or her way to or from work.
Distribution Share

Connect Local Food Vendors with Inner-City Schools

We can create collaboration between local food vendors (local farmers/urban food entrepreneurs) and inner-city schools. Vendors will sell their wares outside schools when parents are picking up their kids, making it convenient for over-worked parents to buy fresh produce and raising awareness at a family level. Vendors will simultaneously host cheap cooking workshops for middle and high school students in school kitchens, in order to bring fresh food, cooking knowledge, and a deeper understanding of food systems into homes.

  Connect Local Food Vendors with Inner-City Schools


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Local Food Challenge


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