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Launching Realisation

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It’s been super busy around OpenIDEO lately — in addition to a record-busting Local Food Challenge, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes getting ready to roll out some new features that we hope will make OpenIDEO even more fun and inspiring. 

In particular, one our big projects has been to find ways to better share stories of implementation and impact with you, our talented OpenIDEO community.

When a challenge ends, it might seem like all of our work ends too. In reality, though, it’s actually just the opposite. After all, you worked so hard to develop amazing solutions to some big social and environmental challenges — we can’t stop there! This is why, when a challenge ends, we turn our attention to identifying ways to turn your bright ideas into reality.

Impact is never one-size-fits-all, which means that each challenge has its own set of opportunities and obstacles when it comes to implementation. Similarly, achieving impact isn’t a quick undertaking; it often takes a lot of time, patience and resources to see any real change in the world. Hey, as the sign says, implementation means 'hard work ahead!'

Ultimately, though, having impact out in the world is one of OpenIDEO’s goals, and we know it’s one of yours too.

With that in mind, today we launched a new challenge phase called Realisation. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see this phase added to many of our recently completed challenges. To see how it works, check out the Realisation phases just launched in the Bone Marrow Donation Challenge and the Ghana Sanitation Challenge.

The Realisation phase is our way of bringing the OpenIDEO community along through the implementation journey. It’s a dynamic phase that will regularly get updated with challenge news, stories of impact, and successes that we can all celebrate. Perhaps what’s most fun is that the Realisation phase itself will evolve over time, including offering the chance for you to share your own examples of the impact you’re creating in the world.

This phase is the next step in taking the incredible work you do on OpenIDEO and translating it into real-world action and change. We’re eager to hear what you think!


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Photo of Meena Kadri

We actually got so excited about Realisation that we launched a whole challenge about social impact as a way to celebrate our first year and plan for our second:

Photo of Vincent Cheng

Just got back from dodging the flooding Mississippi with in-laws. Glad to learn that OpenIDEO has decided to add the "Realisation Phase" to challenges: recognizes and takes head-on the hard, but key work, of moving ideas towards reality and positive impact! Looking forward to seeing where OpenIDEO & challenge sponsors take this. Also, I think there's ways that the OpenIDEO community can, and would be excited to, help with realization, as these previous discussions show: ,

Photo of Matthew Collins

I love the way OpenIDEO continues to refine and improve on itself. While it's already pretty amazing, it really seems there's no limit to how good it can get.

Photo of Ashley Jablow

Thanks Matthew! We like to say we're "always in beta" – and we're glad you're along for the ride!

Photo of Sina Mossayeb

you realize this is awesome (no pun intended)

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This is SUCH a good idea and really builds on the importance of incorporating feedback into design, of measuring the effectiveness of an implementation and of continued learning and growth! Way to go!

Photo of Ashley Jablow

Thanks Lisa! We're really excited about it and glad you are too!