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Join the OpenIDEO Team Challenge Honorable Mention List

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Our global community has demonstrated once again the power of constructive feedback and collaboration. During, the Community Vote phase of the Join The OpenIDEO Team Challenge, designers from all corners of the world have gone deep, not only evaluating each other’s submissions, but also discussing their creative process, concept development and design choices. It's been a true pleasure for our team to review the 59 published contributions and join in the conversation. 

Check out the Shortlisted candidates here. 

Honorable Mention List

Recognition needs to be given when it's due, we've chosen 15 candidates who have stand out due to their effort, community evaluation results and/or excellence in design.  

Next Steps

  • If you haven't yet shared feedback on contributions, go for it.
  • The OpenIDEO team will interview shortlisted participants.
  • The Top Participant will be announced the first week of June. 

Thank You

Thanks to all those who shared their support through their contributions, comments, applauds and evaluations. It takes a village... and the OpenIDEO village just proved that hiring can be a collaborative and constructive process.

Thanks to all participating designers. We recognize that it took a great amount of strength to be vulnerable and openly share your process and work with thousands worldwide. You are all rock stars.

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