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Introducing the Virtual Teams Feature

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At OpenIDEO, we like to 'live life in beta' – which means we're always trying out new features and experiments. A beta feature we are launching today, with the start of our  Concepting phase in the Business Impact Challenge, is the new Virtual Teams tool.
If you've participated in past OpenIDEO challenges, you might have seen the term 'Virtual Team' used. Your Virtual Team consists of members of our community that you'd like to acknowledge for their useful feedback, builds or kudos on your concepts during a challenge. 
With the launch of this new feature, you can officially add Virtual Team members to your Concepts, which will formally recognise their contributions and give them Design Quotient (DQ) Concepting and Collaboration points. As a concept author, you're still recognised as the originator of that idea, and you'll also receive Collaboration DQ points as well. 
Want to learn how to add Virtual Teams to your concepts? Here's how:
After you submit your concept (note: you'll have to hit 'publish' first), scroll down and you'll see at the bottom of your post a new section called ‘Virtual Team’.
You can start adding team members by clicking on the ‘Manage Team’ button. This will open up a widget to allow you to search for users and drag them across into your virtual team. I’ve been part of a virtual team with community member James McBennett in the past, so I’ll use him as an example:
When you drag a user over into your Virtual Team, you can also add a note about how they contributed to your Concept.
When you add people to your Virtual Team, they get their own badge on the page and will be notified that they’ve been added to your Virtual Team.
You can also add Virtual Team members straight from the comments section.
Every user who comments on your concept will have a ‘Add to Team’ button under their avatar picture. Click on this button to add them to your team.
So now you know how to use Virtual Teams, please give it a go! Let’s continue our collaborative efforts by submitting concepts and recognising teammates in our Business Impact Challenge.
As always, we’re eager to hear from you as we develop new tools and features to make OpenIDEO even more fun and collaborative. Have feedback or questions about this new feature? Click the Support tab on the left margin and let us know.
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