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Introducing the OpenIDEO Meetup Toolkit

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our Meetup Toolkit – a tool to help local collaborators get together and create social impact. We've launched this toolkit to help you and your fellow collaborators meet offline. Check out the two links below to get involved and organise your own Meetup. Below these links we'll tell you about how we started this initiative and where it is heading.
Download the OpenIDEO Meetup Toolkit
This project started earlier this year when we wanted to experiment and learn more about how social bonds might help create local impact via OpenIDEO. As a community, we’ve gathered groups before for OpenSTORMS and Make-a-thons but this time we wanted to do something more social – giving our fab collaborators more roles to play in our community. We had a good reason to guess this might work: in a survey after our Connected Communities Challenge we heard that almost all of the survey respondents wanted to get more involved in OpenIDEO offline. Many even offered to organise Meetups. We began an experiment with a group of those respondents to start thinking about how OpenIDEO and global Meetups might intersect. 

The Brave Beginnings

We were blown away with the initial reaction. Four brave local coordinators found a place to meet, gathered some friendly collaborators and told us exhilarating stories about the intelligent conversations and interesting people they met. Gary in Barcelona even convinced a beer sponsor to provide drinks! We got really excited when we saw the photo from Gary’s first meeting below. It was incredible to see these bonds and identities forming.

After the other organisers heard Gary’s stories on a call they all decided they needed a cool photo and suddenly our Meetups had an identity. Take a look at these other photos below.


Early Experiment Highlights

The Meetup organisers have continued to meet throughout the Healthy Ageing Challenge and had quite an impact. Several of the group’s including Sylvia’s group in New York traveled to elder facilities to test out their ideas and have contributed to the excitement Mayo has shown about these promising ideas. Check out the conversation on Sylvia’s idea.

Beyond prototyping, we saw new members join our community and we were stoked to receive amazing photographs from around the global as the Meetup communities evolved. Mel, a Palo Alto coordinator, pulled in a slew of brand new OpenIDEO members. These members have been stretching their creative confidence and posting amazing ideas to the platform. Carmen, a Singapore coordinator, definitely gets the hot shot award with her beautiful photos that look like they could be in a calendar.

The exciting highlights from these Meetups inspired us to think bigger about this experiment. First we started slowly reaching out via social media to start to let you all know of these opportunities. Since then we’re now working with Houda in London, Oscar in Chile, Vishal in India and Aditya in Hong Kong. We’re thrilled to see new members join and want to open up the process even further to allow anyone who wants to coordinate or join a Meetup to do so.

Get Involved

Building on this early experiment, we’re keen to open up the OpenIDEO Meetups opportunity to everyone in our community. If you’re excited about creating local impact this is an chance to join a Meetup or start your own. Are you keen to develop a group of friends all interested in doing more than just talking about ideas? Or would you enjoy designing prototypes, getting out into local organisations to test them and feed back that information into our global community? Now’s your chance!

So how can you get involved? Find out if there’s a group meeting near you. Even if there is feel free to create your own – we don’t think a location is limited to just one group. In fact, there are already two in New York City. To start your own OpenIDEO Meetup, download the toolkit, send us a note at and we’ll follow up to help you get started and connect you to other organisers.

Let’s ignite a massive force for good!

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