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Insights from the Field: Introducing the Amplify Team

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The Amplify Team: Shauna Carey, Luisa Covaria, Sean Hewens, Yennie Lee, Marika Shioiri-Clark, Nathan Waterhouse

As part of the newly-launched Women's Safety Challenge, a team from and OpenIDEO (collectively known as the Amplify Team) are currently traveling in Delhi, India and Kathmandu, Nepal. The goal of their two-week trip is to meet with local community members and connect with organisations currently working to support the safety and empowerment of women and girls.

They are gathering real-world insights through interviews, design exercises, site visits and community gatherings and they're sharing their learnings with us in our Research phase, including the posts below. Keep an eye out for their new contributions.

While they'll be returning from their travels soon enough, the Amplify Team will be regularly joining our conversations as the challenge moves forward – from sharing their feedback during our Ideas phase to suggesting prototyping tips for Refinement. When you see them commenting, be sure to ask them questions about their trip and their learning along the way!
Spending the day at YP Foundation
The Amplify Team spent a day at the YP Foundation, learning about their community and work.
Submitted by:
Nathan Waterhouse
Shanti the Driver
Shanti works with the Azad foundation, which works on empowering and creating safe urban environments for women and girls.
Submitted by:
Luisa Covaria
Apps vs. Analog: The Case for Creative Solutions in India
Insights from an interview with Indian NGO Breakthrough.
Submitted by:
Shauna Carey
10 Rupees and a Bag of Chips
What might we learn from a bag of potato chips as change from a tollbooth operator in Delhi?
Submitted by:
Sean Hewens
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Women's Safety Challenge


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