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Higher Ed Challenge – Community Voices November 13, 2015

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Over the course of the Higher Ed Challenge, we'll be featuring Q&As with OpenIDEO members who have been making significant contributions to our community. This week, let’s take a look at what’s been inspiring Jim Rosenberg and Eric P. Rhodes in the challenge.

From Left: Jim Rosenberg and Eric P. Rhodes

Jim Rosenberg is the founder of Workbench Services Consulting in Alexandria, Virginia where he works with purpose-driven organizations to figure out, design and build new programs. We were inspired by Jim’s insights and prolific contributions during the Research phase.

Eric P. Rhodes is a UI and Visual Designer based in Sunnyvale, California. He’s a problem solver with a background in marketing, web design and front-end web development. We’ve appreciated Eric’s thoughtful provocations to the Higher Ed Challenge so far.

What brought you to the Higher Ed Challenge?

Jim: I've been interested for a number of years in how we learn as adults and keep learning throughout our lives -- it seems an essential question given the speed of change in our world and the freelance-like nature of careers today. There are so many great experiments happening in education models and technology that I think, over time, can fundamentally change the way we approach college and lifelong learning. I saw the Higher Ed Challenge as an opportunity to jump into a big conversation about what's possible with a really diverse community.

Eric: I’ve been secretly obsessed with open education and alternative paths to higher education for years. The HCD approach to the challenge intrigued me as a designer; and inspired me to participate. I felt that I could add a different perspective to the ongoing discussions on the OpenIDEO platform.

How might you build on some of the Research for the upcoming Ideas Phase?

Eric: I’ll be sharing some ideas on the OpenIDEO platform that addresses scholarship-related pain points using rapid prototyping techniques. I’m really looking forward to brainstorming and getting constructive feedback from the group.

Jim: The research has reminded me of how diverse the stakeholders are for any solution. I want to think about the different needs across all the communities of students, colleges, funders, companies, and governments, and think about where the overlapping interests are that can create wins for all. I doubt there is one answer that will work for everyone, so I'm interested in a portfolio of solutions that can allow individuals in all these very different communities to find their best answers.      

Join Jim, Eric and the rest of the OpenIDEO community on the Higher Ed Challenge!

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