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Healthy Lives Challenge – Evaluation Criteria

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Our Healthy Lives Challenge has seen rich posts and dynamic conversations around how we might use technology to inspire all multicultural and socioeconomic groups to lead healthier lives. As we continue to build on examples and ideas of others to reach truly innovative solutions, let’s keep in mind the critical elements that ideas should include. The Evaluation Criteria listed below were a collaborative effort between the OpenIDEO, NBCUniversal, NBCUniverso, and Telemundo Teams. Our hope is that with these elements in mind, ideas will become centered on both technology and tradition, inspire action toward healthier lives across socioeconomic and multicultural groups, and stay visual and fun.

We’re most excited about ideas that...

  • Draw Upon Technology - Let’s leverage social platforms, TV, wearables, sensor networks, AR/VR and other technologies to inspire solutions that are current, imminent and affordable for all socioeconomic and multicultural groups including Hispanic Americans.
  • Embrace Tradition - We want to preserve the cultural traditions of groups such as Hispanic Americans that bring diversity and spice to life. How can we stay current while drawing upon the end user’s heritage?
  • Inspire Action - We’re keen on moving beyond motivation to impact - on solutions that can be quickly tested and proven on a small scale.
  • Highlight the Hidden - What are motivators that we don’t know much about that could be game-changers? Where are the less obvious triggers?
  • Are Visual and Fun - Let’s keep things light and creative. While the issue is serious, solutions should be ultra-relatable and put a smile on the face of the end user.
  • Are Inclusive - While we’re excited to see solutions that can be applied to Hispanic Americans, the issues surrounding healthy lives are found across multicultural and socioeconomic groups, across the world, and across ages and physical abilities.

If you haven’t posted an idea to our Healthy Lives Challenge yet use these criteria to help bring an idea to life. If you already posted an idea, match it up to our evaluation criteria and see where there’s room for your idea to grow.

Want to try out a prototype for your idea? Read our tricks and tips. We can’t wait to see your rockin’ ideas progress and inspire #Healthy_Lives!

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