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Healthy Lives Challenge – Community Voices July 3, 2015

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Joe Silva and Maria Paula Machado have been fantastic contributors in the Ideas Phase of the Healthy Lives Challenge. Let’s take a look at what's been inspiring them in the challenge so far.  

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Joe Silva is a social worker and housing manager based out of Brooklyn, New York. He is also a facilitator of OpenIDEO’s NYC MeetUp team. We’ve been inspired by the lively community discussions that Joe’s The Locker Room idea has been sparking on the platform.

Maria Paula Machado is an industrial designer who is currently studying at the Javeriana University in Bogota, Columbia. Recently, Maria and her team submitted their Grandma Sharing Economy idea that was generated at an OpenIDEO Meetup brainstorm in Bogota.

What inspired you and your team to join the Healthy Lives Challenge?

Joe: The key word is team. I don't think there is anything more powerful than people who trust each other and are motivated to accomplish a common goal. My personal experiences on athletic and  interoffice teams inspired me to build one and apply that power in the healthy lives challenge.
Maria: Our motivational core is that we believe society needs tools and collaborative networks of traditional knowledge; allowing to connect and inspire people with real-healthy information, building life quality and creating value for society through technology.

Which ideas in the Healthy Lives Challenge would you like to build on or collaborate with?

Maria: We believe that all ideas are amazing and inspiring to promote healthy living, but it is interesting to see how in “ Make lunch a healthy walk away from the workplace” by Matt Sandrini converge two important activities for healthy living as they are: physical activity and eating, encouraging people to walk and eat healthy at the same time.
Joe: Luisa Covaria's Laughter Cam. I think the most influential ideas tap into what motivates us. We're working towards understanding what encourages people to make healthy decisions. I met with Community Champion Catarina Rivera, to get her thoughts on how to apply some of the platform's ideas into Hispanic communities. She told me about the growing social media presence of up and coming comedians in her neighborhood, so I'm thinking there may be some connections worth exploring there.

We would love to see your ideas for the challenge question: How might we use technology to inspire all socioeconomic and multicultural groups to lead healthier lives? Looking forward to seeing your contributions in Healthy Lives Challenge!

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It is great to know about the contributions of Joe Silva and Maria Paula Machado in the Healthy Lives Challenge. sculptra los angeles I think their contributions will be an inspiration for others to take part in the coming Healthy Live Challenges. Keep sharing guys.

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