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Healthy Lives Challenge – Community Voices July 17, 2015

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Over the course of the Healthy Lives Challenge, we'll be featuring Q&As with OpenIDEO members who have been making significant contributions to our community. This week, let’s take a look at what’s been inspiring Chris Lee and Ivellisse Morales in the Ideas Phase!

Chris Lee is a product manager at a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Fremont, California. We’ve really appreciated Chris’s collaborative participation in the challenge and his passion for the Aha moments that comes from working on a hard problem with a good team.

Ivellisse Morales is a marketing and communications manager at YearUp Bay Area in San Francisco. In addition to her idea contributions, Fesca Food Truck and “Rise”for Latin@s, Ivellisse has been active in providing feedback to other OpenIDEO community members in the challenge.

What are some insights that you've gained from other OpenIDEO community members in this challenge?

Chris: We love food - nearly 50% of the healthier living ideas revolve around food. The ideas that resonated the most with me were about leveraging family, community or play. It was great to see technology put into the service of making us more human rather than less.

Ivellisse: The innovative ideas submitted to the Healthy Lives Challenge from around the world have sparked two a-ha! moments that have changed my perspective on the intersection of technology, healthy living and multicultural groups. For one, it’s better together: Leading a healthier lifestyle should be a community effort that offers accountability, support and a shared experience towards a common goal. And two, there is no need to reinvent the wheel: there are existing products, services and initiatives already built with the intent and potential, but lack the creativity and refinement to make them effective and impactful for healthier living. Twist what exists!

How might you build off of the ideas that have inspired you in the Ideas Phase?

Ivellisse: What I love about the Ideas Phase is that it’s a virtual brainstorm with a global community of creative, socially-conscious individuals with potentially powerful concepts. The key to brainstorming is pushing ideas forward by building on them, which I’ve done by contributing to inspiring ideas. If you see an idea that inspires you, I highly recommend providing feedback (and accolades!), asking clarifying questions, joining a team (or two) and providing personal insights!

Chris: I think there's a mashup waiting to happen between Food Culture = Health Culture through food they love, Eating Healthier in the Ghetto through the food they love and One for you. One for Me through the food you choose to consume. Oh... and Zombie broccoli... there has to be a zombie in there somewhere.

In the upcoming weeks, we would love to have you join our rockstar OpenIDEO members in answering the challenge question: How might we use technology to inspire all socioeconomic and multicultural groups to lead healthier lives? We can’t wait to see your contributions in Healthy Lives Challenge!

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