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Healthy Lives Challenge – Community Voices July 07, 2015

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Over the course of the Healthy Lives Challenge, we'll be featuring Q&As with OpenIDEO members who have been making significant contributions to our community. This week, let’s take a look at what’s been inspiring Jim and Napas in the Refinement Phase!

Jim is a technology professional with an eclectic background ranging from IT strategy to cyber security, network strategy, and remote medical diagnostics. We’ve been inspired by the level of collaboration that Jim’s brought to the Refinement Phase and to his idea, Zocalo Food Court.

Napas is a strategic planner at an advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand, who is passionate about using human-centered design to transform human interactions. In Refinement, we’re looking forward to how Napas will continue to iterate on her Miles for Meals idea.

What are some underlying assumptions in your idea that you would like to test out with potential users in your community?

Jim: Self-serve buffet formats allow the user to build a meal with diverse nutrients while controlling portions. But the self-serves lack the kind of real time feedback that "Design of Everyday Things" teaches us is so important. This point came home to me when I decided to eat salads every day for lunch. I gained weight, analyzed how this could be, and was shocked to find that my big scoops of sunflower seeds and ranch dressing were pushing 600 calories. My key assumption to be tested in early user trials is that immediate nutritional tally feedback will be accepted by users as useful and empowering. A sample post-trial question might be, "Did the nutrition feedback affect your meal selections? How?"

Napas: I would like to uncover what can help people aspire to live more healthy. I question whether saving up on healthy grocery is enough of an incentive to draw people in to participate in this healthy challenge. Or whether giving them public exposure -  i.e. short feature in the media would be a better motivation.

What are some elements/ features from other ideas in the Healthy Lives Challenge that you would like to build on?

Napas: There are a lot of interesting elements from other ideas - especially the pop-up exercise manual from the Use TV Commercial Time idea. The positive peer pressure aspect of Community Motivator also resonated with my initial intention of a group deal which is to leverage on friends motivation/sharing.

Jim: Within the Zocalo team brainstorming, we’re seeing the emergence of great ideas to broaden and strengthen the concept. For example, “Take-Zocalo-Home” can make Zocalo more social: recipes and ingredients for featured dishes, a cookbook, traditional prepared take-home meals with healthy twist. I’m seeing a possible TV oriented tie-in with Holly Davis’ “ Dueling Chefs TV Show.” Zocalo customers can sample two dueling chefs' dishes over a week. Through the magic of video tape, the user’s winning choice can appear at the end of an episode. Quite a few Healthy Lives submissions have a supermarket angle, such as “ El Loser Local.” I can envision a consolidated pitch being presented to a real Supermarket. I was absolutely captivated by Beth McHugh's idea to use mobile tech to inspire and help users solve the daily puzzle: "What's for dinner and how do I make it healthy?" It's curious that millions of ordinary people face that "design challenge" every day. How can the design community help them solve their daily challenge?

In the upcoming weeks, we would love to have you join our rockstar OpenIDEO members in answering the challenge question: How might we use technology to inspire all socioeconomic and multicultural groups to lead healthier lives? We can’t wait to see your contributions in the Healthy Lives Challenge!

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