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Healthy Lives Challenge: Announcing Our Top Ideas

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The Healthy Lives Challenge has acted as a powerful catalyst for devising innovative solutions to an urgent problem: using technology to inspire healthier lives. This challenge encouraged our community to leverage current technology and incorporate tradition, which led to creative solutions that blended the old with the new. We're impressed with the quality of all the ideas and the rich conversations that came into this challenge over the past three months – and now we're excited to recognize Five Top Ideas. Join us in celebrating these inspiring solutions that will inspire more people – especially within the Hispanic American community – to lead healthier lives.

Healthy Lives Top Ideas

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The Tomatero App – Drawing inspiration from community gardens, Karen’s idea began with the thought of providing technology toolkits to families with community gardens. Her idea blends traditional practices with the capacity of technology and media platforms. We’re excited to see how this idea can teach people how to eat healthier with

Eat Smart  – We all have cravings, don’t we? Eat Smart turns those cravings into healthy actions by giving you suggestions based on what you’re craving, the mood you’re in and what your friends are eating. We love how this idea ties in partnerships with local stores, media channels, and websites. We also love how this idea incentivizes users through awards and badges.

#HealthyYouTV – Inspired by our love for sharing health content online, Catarina’s idea is a 15-20 minute weekly show with content from people making healthy choices in their everyday lives. Healthy habits are tracked using #HealthyYouTV and #SaludableTuTV. This idea creates content based on what people are doing day to day and we love the power of that.

WiseGranny – What if we could harness the wisdom that grandmothers have and translate it to the digital world? Wisegranny is an app and web platform that offers advice, recipes, and activities from grandmas around the world. The global and cross-cultural elements of this idea are unique. We think it has big potential for impact.

Sweat Smart – Taking wearables to whole new level, Sweat Smart is a sweatband that reveals motivational messages and QR codes when you workout. The QR code can then be used to unlock rewards from the sponsor – in this case shows, access to talent or on-air shout-outs. We’re looking forward to seeing more iterations of this idea in their steps ahead.

Healthy Lives Highlight

Zocalo Food Court – This idea reimagines how interactive technology can help us make healthier decisions when purchasing food items. Jim kicked off his idea with an imagined news article and by the end of the challenge, he had developed multiple prototypes and conducted interviews from potential end users. We’re highlighting Jim’s idea because we were totally inspired by his ability to incorporate feedback and create new prototypes.

What's Next

In the upcoming months, we'll offer resources and support to these ideas with help from our sponsors, NBCUniversal, NBCUniverso and Telemundo. Each idea is unique in its content and stage of development. We'll do our best to identify areas of need that we can help address.

Continuing To Collaborate

We hope that everyone who contributed to this challenge continues to collaborate, refine and work at bringing your ideas to life. An Impact Story is a great way to summarize your idea and progress, continue to activate the community around your idea and help our team promote your idea across our networks. Use this template to guide your thinking.  

We’ve also created a few Missions to guide your impact story. For example, share your Inspiring Impact Story if the Healthy Lives Challenge introduced you to new people or changed the way you think. If you developed an idea, but don’t have the time to implement it - we would love for you to reach out and identify someone to adopt your idea

We've been so inspired by the creativity and hard work from the OpenIDEO community. We can’t wait to see the impact of using technology to create #Healthy_Lives magnify.

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Healthy Lives Challenge


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