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Healthy Ageing Challenge: Community Champion Update #8

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Annie Lin is our current volunteer Challenge Community Champion. You'll see her popping up across the Healthy Ageing Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!


Teamwork (photo by Liondartois, CC-BY-SA).
In this week's blog post, I thought I'd spotlight some amazing interactions I've seen in the Healthy Ageing Challenge  Refinement phase. We're about a week into this phase, and we're already seeing some incredibly supportive and helpful behaviors among OpenIDEO community members, that are pushing ideas forward by leaps and bounds (exactly as intended in the Refinement phase). Below are just a few of these exemplary interactions:
  • Congratulating OpenIDEATORS whose ideas made it to the Top 20 list. This sounds like a really simple one, but it's been amazing to see OpenIDEO community members giving words of encouragement and support to one another! Ideas like the Wellness Lounge and the Staying in the Loop app all got some love and congratulations from community members.
  • Actively engaging with feedback and comments. The lively discussions happening so far during the Refinement phase have been truly inspiring. As just two of many examples, the original authors of the RockTilYouDrop idea and the More than just a doctor's visit idea have been actively responding to and building off of the thoughts contributed by fellow OpenIDEATORS. This has kept the momentum of the conversation going, pushed the idea forward at a fast pace, and helped community members continue to provide relevant and up-to-date feedback. Furthermore, these authors have even been directly soliciting feedback to specific questions from community members — inviting them to think through certain questions together — which gives folks a super targeted way to help make the ideas better.
  • Pointing to other, existing organizations that are doing something similar. OpenIDEO is all about collaboration, and this includes learning from ideas that have already been put into practice. We've been amazed by OpenIDEATORS who directed attention to existing organizations or projects that are already implementing something similar to an idea proposed in the Healthy Ageing Challenge, for the purposes of tapping into existing learnings and experiences and hopefully apply them to the design of new ideas. See, for example, Lena's mention of projects near Pittsburgh and Diana's description of her own elementary school, both of which help the community think about what's working well and what's not working well in similar projects that already exist.
  • Combining elements from multiple ideas. I've been amazed by the creative connections that OpenIDEATORS have spotted among various ideas. These connections are excellent examples of collaboration, bringing together and bridging the best parts of multiple ideas. Nick, for example, suggested that the Empathy Exercise idea could be incorporated effectively into the More than just a doctor's visit idea, and Lena pointed to the Caregivers' Wellness Toolkit idea while helping to push the Ageing Empathy Exercise idea forward.
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