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Healthy Ageing Challenge Community Champion Update #2

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Annie Lin is our current volunteer Challenge Community Champion. You'll see her popping up across the Healthy Ageing Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!


Taking notes (photo by Annie Lin, CC-BY-SA).
As we're about halfway through the Inspiration phase of the Healthy Ageing Challenge, I thought I'd glean and share some interesting tidbits about the makeup of the community members who have participated in this challenge so far. Of course, some of this will change as more Inspirations are added in the coming week, but if you're a data nerd or data visualization fan like me, I hope you'll enjoy this post. (Note: all images used in this post are my own, under a CC-BY-SA license.)
As of the writing of this post, 110 unique OpenIDEATORS have contributed Inspirations to the Healthy Ageing Challenge. Incredibly, more than half — 59% in fact — of these amazing individuals are first-time contributors, meaning that the Healthy Ageing Challenge is the first challenge on OpenIDEO they've contributed a post to (this does not necessarily mean it's the first time they've commented on other people's posts on OpenIDEO). This high percentage of first-time contributors likely derives in large part from the deep personal relatability of this particular challenge, which perhaps encourages folks to participate who otherwise would not have clicked the "Add your inspiration" button. After all, almost everyone intimately knows (and likely cares a lot about) at least one person in the elderly population. I've definitely been really impressed by all the personal stories shared during the Inspiration phase!
User profiles reveal that so far, the OpenIDEATORS who have contributed Inspirations in the Healthy Ageing Challenge are based across 22 different countries. The countries with the largest representation are the United States (51 contributors), Great Britain (14), Germany (6), India (4), and Singapore (3). New Zealand, Israel, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, and Australia each claims two contributors, and there is one contributor from each of the following countries: Uruguay, Romania, Norway, Netherlands, Lebanon, Kenya, Guatemala, France, Finland, China, and Chile. This means every continent is represented in this challenge, with the exception of Antarctica! Since there is always room for improvement, I do wonder how we might be able to encourage more people from less represented countries to participate on OpenIDEO?
There are many ways to participate in OpenIDEO challenges — adding an Inspiration or Idea, leaving feedback and comments for other people's posts, etc. In this Field Notes post I've focused only on folks who have contributed an Inspiration or Idea (folks I've been referring to as "contributors"). Yet even among these contributors, there appears to be wide variations. So far, 77 (or 70%) of the contributors in the Healthy Ageing Challenge have added one inspiration per person. 18 people (16.4%) contributed two inspirations, and 12 (10.9%) contributed three inspirations. Then there are three OpenIDEATORS (2.7%) in this challenge who each added four or more inspirations, which is just incredible. One community member —  Satsuko VanAntwerp — actually contributed a whopping EIGHT inspirations on her own, and we're only halfway through the Inspirations phase! Obviously, quantity isn't everything. The quality, brilliance, and depth of the inspirations in the Healthy Ageing Challenge so far have been truly amazing pretty much across the board.
Word cloud
As a quirky follow-up to my Field Notes post last week about a few themes emerging from the Inspirations phase, I've created a word cloud (above) based on the title and summary of all the inspirations this challenge has seen so far. The way word clouds work is that the more frequently a word is used, the larger it'd appear in the word cloud. So this is basically a quantitative analysis of all the words used in the Inspirations phase. The word cloud excludes common English words such as "the," "and," etc. What this word cloud shows is perhaps not surprising and seems to align with my post last week. Words related to staying social — such as "community," "family," "share," "group," and "together" — are prominent. The same seems to be true for words associated with staying active and continuing to have interesting experiences — "learn," "experience," "passion," "new," etc. 
A question for the OpenIDEO community: what else from this word cloud jumps out at you? Is anything surprising?
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Fabulous update Annie! Really sheds light on the makeup of folks contributing to our efforts in this challenge.

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