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Food Waste Challenge – Community Voices August 8th, 2016

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Over the course of the Food Waste Challenge, we'll be featuring snapshots of OpenIDEO members who have been making significant contributions to our community. This week, let’s take a look at what’s been inspiring Emily Getty and Armand Khoury in the Challenge.

Emily Getty: I lean on creativity to work as a Learning and Discovery Coach for Heifer International. I don't have to milk cows, or care for calves like I did growing up, but I do milk the context for solutions to local challenges, while caring for the community and upholding their values.

Armand Khoury: I am currently based in Paris and excited to be the Innovation Manager of a CRM and Marketing Automation company during the golden age of Customer Experience. I have  a background in Computer Engineering, I’m an Agility and Design Thinking fanatic, an IDEO U Mentor, and a dreamer of a better world.

How have you reduced food waste in your daily life?

Emily: My husband and I choose to live in a 149 square foot tiny home that has as low of an environmental impact as possible while offering the freedom of mobility. We grow most of what we eat seasonally in a shared garden and are able to source our protein from my family's farm or other local producers. We don't create very much waste in general. We recycle and reuse everything we can, and turn food waste into compost, including our own manure! This lifestyle requires a higher level of consciousness about our footprint, and our waste.

Armand: Honestly, it came to me naturally; Since I was a kid, my father taught me to finish my dish before I get up the table, and I grew up only buying and ordering what I can consume (partly also because I hate doing big grocery shopping!) When going out with friends to Lebanese restaurants, we selectively order items from the famous Lebanese starters and dishes that, for those who know, usually come in bundles:) As a household, we buy perishable items in small quantities but more frequently, to keep things fresh and to cater for times when we eat out. We tend to cook food in quantities that we can consume the same day most of the times, or over 2 days max.

How might you build on some of the Research for the upcoming Ideas phase?

Armand: I haven’t read through all of the research posts yet, but I have learned a lot from those that I have already collaborated on. A few participants have posted already existing and compelling solutions (such as the Olio App). We can either build on those and enhance them or use them to help us guide the ideation phase into areas that haven’t been yet tackled. Other participants have discussed gaps in existing solutions that we may work on filling (such as gaps in laws application). I’m so looking forward to collaborating with all participants on the most exciting part of the process: Ideation! :)

Emily: I am looking for the intersect of different research submissions. Where is there synergistic opportunities for development of ideas that would work across geographies and in multiple contexts. In particular, I'm drawn to the projects that lean on public space and communal contribution rather than individual acts. The "Share Tables" at schools, Solidarity Fridge, CIA Food Business School and the infrastructure post called Bay area to Boston. Creating community space for education, advocacy, and infrastructure,and for citizens to be able to take action together is what interests me most. Especially solutions that are not technology dependent as I work in places that have low to medium access to technology.

Join Armand, Emily and the rest of the OpenIDEO community on the Food Waste Challenge!

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Food Waste Challenge


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