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Exploring Themes for Workplace Wellness

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Host a challenge OpenSTORM! Check this Brainstorm Toolkit to get started.
During our Workplace Wellness Challenge Inspiration phase, our global and engaged community shared over 330 inspirations to help us all learn about health and wellness in our work environments and our communities. Now it's time to dive into our dynamic Concepting phase, where we collaboratively design ideas to create healthy communities within and beyond the workplace.
To help prepare for this next phase, the OpenIDEO team recently met with our friends from Bupa to share and reflect on all the wonderful inspirations that were shared by the community so far. We also developed what we call Themes.
Themes are opportunity areas for our ideas. How might these challenge Themes help you identify opportunities to improve the health and wellness of communities?
Change Makers and Influencers
We are all influenced in different ways. One powerful method to change behaviour is by being inspired or shown the way by someone who has created real change, experienced it first hand or frames health in a unique perspective, such as kids. How might we identify and engage ‘health change-makers’ in a community? How might we create health advocates/leaders in their communities?
Leverage Networks
We all have multiple networks to which we belong, whether it’s your community of family and friends, work colleagues or your local neighbourhood. These different networks often have a strong culture. How might we harness the power of these networks to improve the health of the whole community? How can we start a movement of health action that spreads?
Tweak Daily Routines
Making the time to improve your health can be a challenge for many people. However there are moments during everyone’s day that could be a great starting place, whether that’s cycling to work instead of taking the car or eating more healthy food at lunchtime. How might we help people think about the routines in their day as positive health opportunities? How might we help people share moments of time to form healthy habits?
Create the Right Environment
Our goal is to improve the health of communities within and beyond the workplace. So how might we create the right environments that support more positive health behaviours? The environment could include physical surroundings, the culture and accepted 'norms' of behaviour. How might the environment support the health of the community?
Inspire and Reward
Many people have good intentions around improving their health but often lack the motivational trigger to get them started. How might we give people a reason to improve their health that works for them? How might we create incentives that help spread healthy behaviours?
Sustain and Track
The first hurdle can be embarking on a journey towards better health but it’s often just as big a challenge to sustain these new behaviours. How might we motivate and support people to keep going? What tools could we employ to keep things feeling fresh and exciting?
At the end of our meeting, we also spent some time brainstorming some initial concepts for this challenge, which we'll be adding over the next few days. Feel like brainstorming too? Check out our Brainstorm in a Box toolkit – all the tips and guidance you need to get your creative concepting energy flowing.
With that, head over to our Concepting phase and chime in with your ideas!
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I agree with the idea to create health and wellness environment for workplace. In my opinion, "the body is the capital of revolution." People have a healthy body, they can make more money and enjoy a better life. Besides, I agree that "work is an integral part of everyone's lives, the toll that work can take on our health and wellness is profound." " how might we create the right environments that support more positive health behaviors "? For example, people can eat more healthy food at lunch time. Besides, the workplace can provide meals for employees, and to promote "low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein." After the meals, the workplace also offer tea, fruits or other healthy foods for employees. Therefore, it is not only the employees have health and wellness environment for workplace, but also the company will get more benefits, it is a win-win result.

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