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Disability and Inclusion Challenge: Winning Ideas Announced!

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The Amplify team is thrilled to announce the Amplify Disability and Inclusion Challenge winners! After reviewing more than 450 submissions over the course of the past three months, we have selected six winning ideas that we believe will help to create more inclusive communities globally.

We have been deeply inspired by all of the ideas from this Challenge focused on novel ways to ensure social services are accessible to all, supporting persons with disabilities to find and thrive at work, and using context-appropriate products as tools for inclusion. 


Group of womenCreating Safe Spaces for Girls and Women with Disabilities


Rwandan Organization of Women with Disability will launch an improved scorecard on disability inclusion, which will enable proactive problem solving and collaboration.

"UNABU is excited to be part of the Amplify's community. A new era, new learning, and new hopes towards inclusive community where girls and women with disabilities live safely and happily.” Mathilde Umuraza, Chairperson, Rwandan Organization of Women with Disability

Group of parents holding their babies in the airEarly Identification of Intellectual Disabilities


Special Hope Network aims to identify and serve children, from birth to 5 years, with intellectual disabilities in Zambia.

"We are excited to join with Amplify in order to help our idea become a reality." Eric Nelson, President and Founder, Special Hope Network

Group of children making signal with their handsEquipping Community Leaders to Support and Include Children with Disabilities

Kenya + Tanzania

Kupenda for the Children's community leader trainings reduce harmful beliefs and practices while improving care for children.

"We are thrilled for this opportunity to enhance and expand our disability advocacy programs for community leaders and eager to learn from our colleagues at Amplify! Human centered design is at the heart of Kupenda's work in both the US and Kenya and we can't wait to see how this experience helps us to work even more effectively alongside local stakeholders and the children with disabilities we serve." Cynthia Bauer, Founder and Executive Director, Kupenda for the Children  

Man standing with crutches in front of his shopGlobal Toolbox for an Inclusive Workplace

Nepal + Kenya

Humanity & Inclusion’s toolbox will assist employers in creating work spaces, tools and work methods that are accessible for persons with disabilities.

“In 35 years, we’ve learned how sometimes simple accommodations can help a person with a disability thrive at work. This grant gives us an opportunity to create a toolkit that’s accessible to employers who aren’t used to hiring someone with a disability, and in turn, to unlock the potential of employees with disabilities. With so many barriers prohibiting persons with disabilities from enjoying decent work, it’s critical that we give employers all the tools they need to break down the barriers in their own workplaces, and ultimately employ more talented individuals with disability.” Herve Bernard, Head of Inclusion Unit, Humanity & Inclusion

Promoting Sexual Health Information for Deaf Young People


SignHealth Uganda, in partnership with Deaf Child Worldwide, and Uganda National Association of the Deaf are empowering Deaf young people to access sexual health information.

"We are very excited with this unique opportunity that amplifies the silent voices and participation of young Deaf people in Uganda on their quest for equitable access to sexual reproductive health information and related services." Paul Ssenteza, Director, SignHealth Uganda

Agung, an above-knee amputee treated by a clinician at Puspadi BaliReMotion Pro

Burma + South Africa

D-Rev aims to develop a better prosthetic knee to improve access to modern mobility for amputees in rural Africa and Asia.

Agung, an above-knee amputee treated by a clinician at Puspadi Bali.

“For reasons of cost, thousands of young amputees in low-income countries do not have access to modern prosthetic limbs that empower them to reach their goals. In 2016, D-Rev supported our clinical partners by launching the $80 ReMotion Prosthetic Knee; now we are thrilled to join IDEO, DFID, and the Amplify community to build the next generation ReMotion "Pro" Knee that specifically targets the needs of young, active patients in rural areas.” Rob Weiss, Mobility Program Manager, D-Rev

What's Next?

For the next 18 months, each of these six organizations will receive seed funding from the UK Department for International Development and design support from, starting with an intensive design bootcamp. We can’t wait to see these ideas evolve – and we’ll be sure to share stories and pictures of their journey! Check out the work of past Amplify winners on’s website here.

Share Your Impact Story

With so many great ideas and connections made during this challenge, we hope this is only the beginning, not only for our Winning Ideas, but for all of the ideas. We’d love to know what you are up to, and encourage you to add a story about what you’ve learned, or what you are continuing to work on, on our Impact Phase. Don’t forget to check out our list of additional resources to may be useful to grow your ideas.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to the global community for continuing to drive innovation across nations, industries and issues to collaboratively design more inclusive communities. Thank you for lending your inspiration, expertise and voices to our global collaboration!

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