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OpenIDEO embraces change this week as our Healthy Ageing Challenge switches from the insightful Inspiration phase to its collaborative Ideas phase. Check out our Tips for Ideas which includes our new challenge themes: Nurture Relationships, Live Actively, Design Thriving Environments, Plan for the Future and Care for Caregivers plus some handy tips to kickstart your thinking. Want to get collaborating in earnest? Grab some friends and try out our Brainstorm in a Box toolkit. Looking to enhance your online collaboration? Dive into our Lowdown on Virtual Teams. 

We'd especially encourage you to reach out to older folks in your lives to discuss your thoughts across the Ideas phase and help iterate them for heightened impact. You might even think about actually prototyping some small aspect of your idea during the Ideas phase and update your post with learnings as you try things out. Let's keep our ideas agile and collaborate to strengthen them as we go. And stay tuned for more updates from our Challenge Community Champion, Annie – here's what she got up to earlier this week as we were rounding off the Inspiration phase.

Still hungry for change? Gardens are full of change. Catch IDEO's Tim Brown thoughts on Want to Be a Creative Leader? Look to the Garden. And tune in to listen to OpenIDEO's Tom Hulme, included on the BBC's Designs for Life session.

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