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Visualisation from IDEO's Paul Bennett for his Ambient 'How Safe Are We Feeling' Murals concept
Our Atrocity Prevention Challenge continues to attract collaborators to it's Ideas phase – with just days to go. An interesting point was raised around incentives: "Women who have suffered these atrocities cannot be expected to provide information that has little chance of providing them with any direct benefit..." As you continue to refine your ideas and discussions, we encourage ideators to consider incentives for those who information is being sought from – and also remember that what motivates them might be quite different to what motivates you or people you know. Check out this analogous example of incentivising optimal behaviours from Mexico. Also keep in mind that while cellphone penetration stats are high, many contexts of mass violence have patchy coverage or connectivity is controlled by perpetrators – so we're keen to see more ideas from beyond the realm of mobile phones to compliment all the great concepts we're seeing from that space so far.
Our Challenge Community Champion, Arjan Tupan, continues to encourages newcomers to our platform – this week by answering 5 Questions on OpenIDEO. It's great to have someone from our own community explaining and engaging collaborators fresh to our community.
Elsewhere – the story of our Amnesty Challenge Panic Button app is spreading. Check the our coverage and a scenario provided this week on Livewire: How to Turn a Mobile Phone into an Alert System for Activists. The Panic Button app is set to be released by Amnesty later this year.
And in case you missed the news: we on the hunt for a couple of switched-on summer interns. We've got positions open for Community Management + Communication Design interns – so check 'em out and spread the word!
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