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Creative Confidence Challenge: Tips for Ideas

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5th graders from New York shared what gets in the way of their creativity during our Inspiration phase. How might we design ideas to help them and all young people overcome these obstacles?
When the OpenIDEO team launched our Creative Confidence Challenge, we had a hunch that the topic would be a resonant and fun one to tackle  –  but we couldn’t have imagined just how much. In the last five weeks, folks from 136 countries visited our Inspiration phase: reading, learning, joining conversations and collectively sharing over 1,100 stories, examples and insights – a new OpenIDEO record!
While we’ve been bowled over by the quantity of posts, in truth it’s the quality of the community’s submissions and conversations that’s really shone through. From personal reflections on our own creative confidence to energising examples of programs bringing this spirit to life in young people around the world, the Inspiration phase was rich with valuable insights and takeaways for our upcoming Ideas phase.
Now, as we turn our attention to Ideas, we thought we’d share a few key design priorities for everyone to consider:
What is creative confidence?
Remember that creative confidence is the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out. This doesn’t mean that we’re only talking about traditionally creative fields – creative confidence can be expressed whether you’re a graphic designer, a garbage collector or a geologist. How might we enable and support young people to activate and hone their creative confidence where we’d least expect it?
Ideas of all shapes and sizes are welcome
On OpenIDEO, all ideas are welcome: big ideas, small ideas, even wild ideas. In fact the Ideas phase is about encouraging all ideas, while Refinement is where we’ll hone in on what’s actually most relevant or feasible. So, for now, ask yourself: how might you encourage the wild or wacky in your thinking? One way to explore this could be to think about extreme users: how might their unique needs or desires actually inspire our designs for everyone? Or, you could consider how to incorporate an element of fun or play in your ideas since so many inspirations centered around the role of fun in giving us permission to try, experiment or nurture our creative confidence.
Designing for crises of confidence
One important area of focus for our challenge is supporting young people to preserve their creative confidence during moments when it's threatened or challenged in some way. As you’re outlining ideas, have a think about how you might design ways to help young people nurture their creative confidence and get back on track when faced with obstacles that might otherwise derail it. 
In addition to these pointers, we hope you'll spend some time digging into our challenge Themes. Themes are areas of opportunity that our community, our challenge sponsor and partners and the OpenIDEO team have identified as priorities, and they are meant to guide your thinking in the Ideas phase. You can read more about each of these Themes at the top of the Ideas phase page:
Space to Create: What new environments might we design to bring creative confidence spaces to life?
Creative Catalysts: How might we support parents and other catalysts to help the young people in their lives nurture their own creative potential?
Taking the First Step: What creative confidence enablers might we come up with to get the ball rolling and help young people chart their own creative path?
Hands-on Making: How might we empower young people to exercise their creative confidence by getting active, building to think and iterating along the way?
Attitude toward Openness: What might help a young person choose an attitude of exploration and creativity, rather than stifling it or shutting it down?
With such a rich and colourful Inspiration phase, we can hardly wait to see what comes next in the Ideas phase! Hope to see you there.
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Creative Confidence Challenge


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