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Creative Confidence Challenge Community Champion Update #8

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Hao Dinh is our current volunteer Challenge Community Champion. You'll see him popping up across the Creative Confidence Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!


We are in week 8 of the Creative Confidence Challenge. Well into the Ideas phase, we’ve received so many awesome concepts. This week I wanted to highlight some of the ideas that resonated for me.

Space to Create: Sonja Heinen’s Tea Timeout idea highlights the need to provide young adults dedicated time so they can create. There were very interesting comments on how student downtown various from country to country. Sonja also discusses printing creative tasks or random topics on tea bag labels in order to spark discussions and trigger interactions. Product designers and manufacturing experts, Sonja is looking for suggestions on packaging design and production insights relating to the tea bag labels.

Creative Catalysts: Kirk Soderstrom believes developing a Creative Confidence book for Parents and Teachers would be extremely beneficial. The edition will include inspirations and ideas from the Creative Confidence Challenge. The concept’s objective is to continue the conversations long after the official closure of the challenge by not only providing a feedback loop but also a mechanism to collect success stories from teachers and parents to further inspire action. What do you think? Provide your comments on what the Parents and Teachers edition should contain. Also do you think a Creative Confidence book for Kids would be helpful?

Taking the First Step: Petrit Kasabaqi’s GetCreative watch + app rocks! A watch + app which gives the user a creative task to do daily, weekly or monthly (depending on how the settings are adjusted). The creative tasks are decided through a questionnaire which gives you a creative score based on your age/background etc. Discussions on the watch + app functionality details have started. Petrit is looking for further suggestions on how the watch + app can be a creative confidence enabler.

Hands-on Making: Michelle Gong Wild recalls how for her family, Legos were one of the most important toys in their home. Unfortunately, not every child has access to toys that allow him to express his creativity. Michelle firmly believes all children should have access to creativity toys, no matter their socioeconomic status. She imagines “Creativity Building Stations” in every school where students are provided a daily opportunity to play with Legos, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh, K'nex, etc. Comments provided suggest associating the “building activity” with the class lessons in order to get teacher, school and parent buy-in. Calling our finance gurus, Michelle is looking for assistance with developing a financial model for her idea.

Attitude toward Openness: Salvo Lavis’ idea to encourage questions not answers has strong potential. He believes classrooms should focus on questions over answers. This encourages participation and lessens the fear of being wrong. Questions breed questions, unlike answers which can shut down a room. Stanford’s Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment (SMILE) provides a platform for students to engage in subject research and develop their own questions relating to the subject for their peers to not only answer but also to generate their follow up inquiries. Salvo’s video shows real students using SMILE and how the kids are better engaged and creative in an inquiry-based learning environment.


OpenIDEATORS, I’m so inspired by your ideas. I love it when I see how people are providing comments on how to further build on an idea. Keep up the awesome brainstorming and collaboration! 

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