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Creative Confidence Challenge Community Champion Update #11

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Hao Dinh is our current volunteer Challenge Community Champion. You'll see him popping up across the Creative Confidence Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!


We are in week 11 of the Creative Confidence Challenge and into the second week of the Refinement phase.  So many awesome contributions from the OpenIDEO community. Great job. With less than a week before the Evaluation phase, we still have time for further improvements. I reached out to some of the concept creators and asked them to provide an update on their ideas and where they needed assistance. Below are their comments.
Sylvia Stein has provided three easy-to-follow projects you can do with kids to spark their and your creative fire. Ever wonder how creative a sandwich can be, how your kids see you or how your favorite music inspires you?
Click on the below projects to find out.
An update from Mel + Frank: 
"We are currently gathering initial feedback from young people about what works well and could work better for them on the current platform. Additionally, we've received back our first batch of User Experience Doodle Notes. Mel is the coordinator for the local Palo Alto OpenIDEO Meetup. We are extending an invitation to young people to join our next session in a couple of days to help us gather more feedback.  Finally, we are meeting with students, teachers, and principals at local schools to further refine our concept.  How can you help? Please consider sharing the current OpenIDEO platform with a young person you know - age 10-20 - with the help of these User Experience Doodle Notes . It takes 5 mins and really helps us all bring this creatively formative OpenIDEO experience for social good to young people. Thanks!"
Saskia Baard has provided an overview of the toolkit. She is looking for feedback from teachers, parents and mentors on the toolkit. Specifically, Saskia would like comments on how the toolkit might be used and also what additional content would make the toolkit better.
Below are words from from Mel + Frank: 
"We are excited to announce that Djerassi Resident Artists Program in Woodside, California is partnering with us in prototyping a potential pilot program for Spring 2014. Our refinement goal is to pilot ONE residency + ONE school/class + ONE artist/innovator by Spring 2014. With one major piece in place, we are now searching for the best fit for a pilot local school partner. We are currently in touch with local Palo Alto schools and have received enthusiastic responses. Finally, we are developing a Call for Artists and Innovators in order to solicit potential proposals and artist /innovator partner for our potential pilot program. We invite all OpenIDEOers to help us shape this call for proposals—and of course to submit your own proposal to be part of the first potential pilot Young Artists + Innovators-in-Residence Program."
A message  from Jeff Nagata:
"OpenIDEOers, thanks for all the help you've provided on Positive Impact. I'm currently reaching out to young people, schools, organizations, and local governments to gain direct insights that will help refine this idea.  Additionally, I'm releasing a simple mock-up of the platform soon, to give youth something tangible to look at and give feedback on. On Monday (12/3) I'm meeting with a group of motivated high school youth that are already tackling local community problems. I'll post my notes from the meeting Tuesday.  If you have access to youth, schools, local governments, or any organizations that are involved with young people, please share my idea with them and post their feedback. Thank you."
Kevin Frank has developed a preliminary site map and mock up homepage for his concept and is requesting feedback. Additionally, he will be meeting with young kids and college students to get their thoughts on the Portfolio Pipeline. Check out his concept to see what others are saying and to join the discussion.
Vishal Jodhani has developed an awesome website prototyping his concept.  Check it out and he has generated a Google Doc where we can provide comments on the prototype. L astly Vishal is looking for people with design/programming skills to help him further develop the prototype. Reach out to him if you are interested.
Tom Bradley needs help with ideas/answers to the below questions relating to his concept:
How might we develop the Smart Failure brand to communicate this idea to young people?  How might we test this idea with young people in order to reflect on our own successes and failures?  How might we provide the physical assets required to run the process, such as the tokens that remind young people of their learning, in a cost effective way?  Additionally Tom believes his concept can be combined with the other Refinement ideas. Let him know if you think there are viable partnership opportunities.
Andy La Fond has worked with the community to evolve his initial idea to a point where he is looking for people to prototype and provide feedback. He has provided a Tinker Teams Prototyping Guide  and would love to get comments from kids. Additionally, he is looking for feedback from educators and teachers on how Tinker Teams can best fit within different types of schools.
Bradley Filice, with help from OpenIDEATORS, has made tremendous progress developing his app concept. He’s added Expanded Mentorship, Goal Setting, Export Your SelfStyle CV/Diary and Generosity Points functionality. Download his Paper Prototype, a paper booklet version of the app that can be used to trial the experience with kids individually or in small groups.
Bettina Fliegel will be posting a questionnaire targeting the 13 - 24 year old age group. The survey will help her better understand how to improve her concept. If you are 13 - 24 years old or know of anyone in that age range, please complete the questionnaire.
Kirk Soderstrom has provided a Google Doc to collect feedback on his idea.  Additionally, he developed a prototype guideline relating to Jazz music fostering creative confidence. Kirk would love to get comments on the results of the Jazz music prototyping.
Below is a message from Christopher Rannefors: 
"Hello from The Play Portal Team. By Sunday (12/1), we will be releasing our beautifully crafted V2.0 of our website mock ups made by Elly Taura, a talented designer studying at the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond.  On Monday (12/2), we will be sharing a collection of playable games that we would like to encourage you to adopt and test with young kids. If you prototype the games and send us pics/video/feedback we will compile them and share them with the community towards the end of the week. On Thursday (12/5) we will be running games with the LREI 5th graders and a group of young girls in India.  As always, please continue to comment and refine the idea with us in the comments section, we look forward to hearing from you!"
OpenIDEATORS, the ball is in your court! We have less than a week and a lot of great opportunities for you to join the conversation and help further refine the concepts. 
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Hi Hao! What day and time do all images, text, etc. need to be uploaded to our concept pages before evaluations begin? It says "2 days", but is there a specific time cutoff for Monday? Please let me know. Thanks!

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Nikko – just noticed this and realised that Hao can't confirm this for you. Our Evaluation phase goes live at 10am PST on Tuesday December 10. You'll see the counter at the top of the left hand column counting down. You can still make updates to your post during Refinement – but obviously folks who are evaluating your post before these updates won't know about these – so we recommend you get as much as you can sorted before then.

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