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Creative Confidence Challenge Community Champion Update #10

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Hao Dinh is our current volunteer Challenge Community Champion. You'll see him popping up across the Creative Confidence Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!


We are in week 10 of the Creative Confidence Challenge and into the first week of the Refinement phase. Congratulations to the 22 shortlisted ideas that were selected from the 600+ awesome concepts developed by the OpenIDEO community. I thought it would be educational and fun to have the originators of the 22 Refinement concepts to provide a video, audio or text elevator pitch of their idea. Above is a video consolidating some of the summaries.

Below are the individual elevator pitches. Read through them and select the ones that inspire you and start refining.

The Mullet Resume by Josh Lapray: The Mullet Resume is a new way to show an individual’s creative potential as well as their professional and academic achievements on a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Watch the Mullet Fairy in Josh Lapray’s video

Young People’s OpenIDEO by Mel + Frank: Let's inspire creative confidence in young people and also learn from them in a Young People's OpenIDEO. OpenIDEO for Young People allow kids to take charge of building their own creative confidence, better, together. Mel + Frank video

Kidhub by Ahmet Acar: Provides a system where kids can start their own project, gather other kids who are interested in the same thing as collaborators and get mentors to help them to learn as they collectively implement the project. Ahmet Acar’s video

Toolkit for Creative Confidence Enablers by Saskia Baard: Creative Confidence does not yet feature in the minds of many mentors of young people. We want to create a toolkit and a set of guidelines for mentors to help them get to grips with Creative Confidence. Saskia Baard’s video

Home Sessions by Sonja Heinen: This concept is about giving children and adults a way to connect and come together to do hands-on activities, e.g. baking, knitting, gardening etc in a safe environment – someone's home. Sonja Heinan’s video.

Inspirational Creative Confidence Cards by Nikko-Ryan Santillan: Provide Eureka Cards that jump start the creative process. Pick a card, follow the prompts and share your creative artifact online with others creatives from across the globe. Nikko-Ryan Santillan’s video

Tinker Teams by Andy La Fond: Debate Club meets Maker Class idea where teams of kids would compete to solve problems through creative thinking and tinkering. Andy is looking for assistance with how to make the concept easy for schools to implement, what should the content and format of the challenges be and how best to prototype. Andy La Fond’s video

Young + Artists-in-Residence by Mel + Frank: The Young Artists + Innovators-in-Residence Program partners schools with the vast and existing network of inter-disciplinary, international artist residencies currently dedicated to the creative process and fostering creatively confident innovating. Mel + Frank plans to pilot the program in the San Francisco area. Any suggestions or connections to help get the pilot going would be appreciated. Mel + Frank video

The Play Portal by Christopher Rannefors: A community that strays from thinking of games as a means for accomplishing our educational goals, to education as a means for accomplishing the goals of children. Kids know what they want to do, the Play Portal will help them get there in a fun way. Teachers, designers, programmers, or anyone who feels like a kid at heart, Christopher is looking for assistance prototyping the concept. Christopher’s video.

SelfStyle by Bradley Filice: To all teens and young adults. You don’t have to be defined by others. You don’t have to be controlled by school, friends or anybody else. Because all your life people are going to tell you what to be. But only you can decide what you’ll become. 

Introducing SelfStyle. Define who you want to be. Then act on your goals. Build on inspiration. And partner with people around the world. When peers like the results of your actions on Instagram or SelfStyle you earn points. And your reputation grows. Decide for yourself who you want to be, with SelfStyle.

Creative Confidence: Parents & Teachers Edition by Kirk Soderstrom: Using the book Creative Confidence as a springboard, the idea is to create a [book, ebook, website, social network, community, how-to-guide, or combination thereof] that is dedicated to helping parents and teachers learn about and inspire creative confidence in the many children that they interact with on a daily basis, in two essential places: at home and in the classroom.

Initially I envisioned this as a vehicle to catalog and organize the amazing contributions from this challenge into a cohesive resource, but what do you think? Does the challenge of fostering creative confidence change with the child's age? How would you like to see this organized? I turn the mic over to you! All ideas are welcome.

The Electronster by Olivia Vagelos: Imagine a traveling truck that collects recycled electronics and brings them to kids. Then teaching discovery by enabling the kids to destroy the collected gadgets and using the components to build entirely new creations.

Smart Failure by Tom Bradley: Creative confidence is being comfortable with failure. We will help children to experience the creative process in a way that helps them overcome the fear of failure that holds so many of us back. Getting it wrong is getting it right.

Creative Confidence through Positive Impact by Jeff Nagata: We can spark the creative confidence of youth by encouraging them to create positive change in their world, big or small. We can do this by connecting youth to local & global problems that need a diversity of creative perspectives and ideas, as well as mentors that can guide their creative energy toward tangible impact.

What do you think is the best way to structure this platform? How might we connect youth to capable mentors and appropriate problems (online and offline)? How might we accommodate the unique situations, creative styles & levels of youth around the world? What do you think are good ways to prototype this idea, and what questions should be asked? I'm looking forward to working with everyone to flesh out this idea!

Kickstarter Kids Platform by Mathieu Chevalier: Imagine adapting the Kickstarter platform to create a kids version of it. The concept is simple: kids post their creative dream and members of the community help the kidstarters to achieve their creative dream.

10X: Everyday Tasks, Creatively Reinvented by Vicki Tan: Thx cube is a tool that helps facilitate 10x thinking. The idea is to take any everyday task and reinvent or add to it at least 10 more times. Thx cube helps by giving you a different way to play off of the previous iteration and record the progress of the idea.

HipTrips by Bettina Fliegel: HipTrips is a program in which youth actively explore, learn together, and have a great time while doing it. Their world view will become bigger, as they share and explore a small corner of it. Let's develop a road map that will guide youth as they build a travel program. Built by youth for youth. I need help from graphic designers, marketers and legal advisors. I also need students to advise me on, "What would give a HipTrip Tour that edge, that thing that makes you want to go again and again?"

Create Kits by Alaine Anhalt: Create Kits is positive reinforcement through repetition. By curating opportunities for inspiration and discovery, parents can foster a safe place for their children’s creative learning.

Create Kits is a database of projects designed to spark creative and critical thinking. Activities can be completed using supplies found around the house or neighborhood. Projects may be downloaded and shared through an online forum, or families without internet can order a booklet with a year’s worth of weekend inspirations.

Let’s put away the video games and turn off the TV. Let's spend the weekend doing something creative as a family. Who knows what our kids might discover.

Army of Misfits by Megan Harley: The Army of Misfits is a community that praises uniqueness and provides both the young and the older generation an opportunity to express, collaborate and come together in unison and be creatively confident on many levels. I really believe that when you are young you are tremendously influenced by adults as well as adults can benefit from the raw thriving imagination of kids. Moreover I would love to see this concept realised and possibly implemented so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Let’s Create! by Sylvia Stein: We routinely hear parents/adults proclaim “Oh NO! I can’t even draw a stick figure!!” or statements to that effect. We think this is a problem. We believe that parents/adults who model creative confidence will be much more effective in cultivating creatively confident children.

Let’s Create! - Adult Creative Confidence - Building Experiences are small online communities designed to expose adults to a specific creative activity. Adults enroll in a community of ~20. They are then inspired by the facilitator to complete a creative project. Each member’s completed project is shared anonymously with the community for feedback, support and encouragement, before they all continue to the next project.

We need help identifying and presenting compelling creative projects for the first (prototype) Let's Create! community of parents/adults.

Creative Confidence Website by Vishal Jodhani:  There are several amazing online platforms dedicated to different domains – from career advice to cooking, interior design to life hacking, gaming to gardening… how about a website which serves as a one-stop-shop for creative confidence.

This dedicated online space would serve as a source of inspiration, a helpline for creative confidence, a platform to swap stories and a vibrant community to belong to. There can be different sections for parents, teachers and children (with relevant resources, toolkits, exercises etc) based on the different ideas that have been shared during this challenge.

Can you see your own idea fitting into this platform? What elements would you like to keep and which ones would you like to add? What can be some offline components to consider? Are you a “hacker” (programmer) or “hipster” (designer) who’d like to join and help co-design a basic website as a prototype? Let’s co-design, shall we?

The Portfolio Pipeline by Kevin Frank: The Portfolio Pipeline is an online tool that helps young designers, artists and inventors to assemble and showcase their creative work over time, harnessing their creative energies to achieve their educational and professional goals.

What an awesome list of ideas. OpenIDEATORS, the above concepts need your help. Pick the concept(s) that inspires you and start refining. Also check out the tips on how to participate. 

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