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Apply for 3 exciting community roles for our Women’s Safety Challenge

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The OpenIDEO Team is cooking up our Women’s Safety Challenge which we'll be launching next month. In this challenge we will be asking our community to collaboratively design inspiring new ways to improve safety for women and girls in low-income, urban areas. 

We're happy to announce that we're continuing to experiment with ways to encourage you to take more leadership on our platform. Building on the Community Champion role that we’ve prototyped the last few challenges, we’re experimenting with a few additional, specific volunteer community roles to deepen our community's OpenIDEO experience. 

We’ll offer one spot for each of these roles on this challenge. You can collaborate from anywhere with an internet connection as long as you can make it to a check in chat every two weeks. We're keen to receive applications from folks who are experienced at using OpenIDEO and know their way around our awesome community and the platform features which support them. Check out these roles below:

Community Champion
4 hours per week
Your role is to continue to expand the leadership in the community and lead the charge on communicating high-level community insights and findings from the challenge. We’d like you to be a great written communicator and:
    •    Encourage community collaboration
    •    Identify themes emerging from our Research phase
    •    Select ideas towards our Refinement shortlist
    •    Write a weekly blog post to highlight our community’s awesome deeds!
    •    Demonstrate passion for women and girl’s safety in low income urban environments

During the challenge you’ll meet with the other community volunteers and a member of the OpenIDEO team to discuss challenge content and questions. Additionally, as the challenge progresses we’ll be looking for your ideas on expanding our community leadership.

Community Cross-pollinator
5 hours per week
Your role is to connect good ideas together, both on and off the platform. Know someone running a pilot related to one idea on the challenge? Put them in touch. You should love connecting the dots, be very social and enjoy working with people. We’d like you to:
    •    Connect similar ideas on the platform to each other
    •    Connect ideas off the platform to ideas on the platform
    •    Help connect people with ideas that relate to each other
    •    Comment and let people know if they seem like they could help another person’s idea grow

You’ll meet with the other volunteers and a member of the OpenIDEO team. We’ll also do a personal training with OpenIDEO on how you might spark these connections.

Community Prototyper
6-8 hours per week, only during Ideas and Refinement phases
Your role is to help test ideas and lead by example for others to learn about effective prototyping. Throughout the challenge keep an eye out for at least one collaboration you can try. You should be savvy at lightweight prototyping and be willing to make connections with low-income women and girls in urban areas. We’d like you to:
    •    Observe ideas as they come in and share ones you’re interested in working on
    •    Pick at least one idea and prototype it in the ideas phase or refinement phase
    •    Document and share your process and expected results
    •    Optionally, we're particularly excited for you if you've already got a community to test ideas with

During the Ideas and Refinement phases you'll join our volunteer calls (and you're encouraged to join before that if you want to). Additionally, as you prototype an idea out someone from the OpenIDEO team will offer two sessions of feedback before and after.

Wondering what it is like to be in one of these roles? Here's some of what our Creative Confidence Challenge Community Champion got up to recently. We’ll also be keen to hear your thoughts on how you might help us step our community efforts up a notch in future challenge. 

Keep in mind that all of these roles are volunteer and still very experimental. We'd recommend that you reflect on the questions and create a draft of your answers before completing the  application form. Applications are due by 9pm PST, Tuesday 4 February, 2014 and the positions will kick-off the week of February 11. 

Have questions? Don't hesitate to ask them in the comments below.

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