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Announcing our Business Impact Shortlist

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Like the Internpreneur Starter Kit, what tools might we pull out of our toolkits to collaboratively refine our Top 20?
In the Inspiration and Concepting phases of our Business Impact Challenge, members of our global community put their heads together to share almost 500 stories and design 95 ideas to identify, celebrate and inspire businesses to innovate for world benefit.
Now it's time to turn our attention to the Refinement phase, where we focus on updating and iterating a shortlisted set of challenge ideas. But how did this shortlist come to be?
Recently the OpenIDEO team sat down with a group of advisors from the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value – David Cooperrider, Roger Saillant, Chris Laszlo, Beau Daane and others – to review all of your clever and creative concepts. During our conversation, we focused on answering a few key questions:
  • Which concepts can help the Fowler Center continue its efforts to envision and design a Nobel-like prize that recognises businesses as agents of world benefit? 
  • Which concepts can expand the Fowler Center's vision beyond this prize and serve as inspiration for new directions in which to head?
Together we shared our thoughts on which concepts should move into Refinement, but our efforts didn't stop there. Once Concepting ended our challenge went through a quick-fire community Applause phase, where each of you weighed in with your applauds, comments and feedback on the 95 concepts. Taking your input into account, OpenIDEO and the Fowler Center then finalised our shortlist selections, which you can review here.
Just like it sounds, Refinement is all about focusing, revising and editing to make our Top 20 concepts even stronger. If your concept made it into the shortlist, we're eager to see you expand on your initial idea – perhaps through prototyping, uploading sketches, talking to potential users or other hands-on methods. If you don't have a concept in the Refinement phase, there are still plenty of ways to stay involved: from joining conversations and adding your own insights, to picking a concept to prototype and reporting back on what you learn. And remember that we now have the Virtual Team feature, so everyone can be part of a team that refines for increased impact. Check out more tips on the Refinement phase.
Before we dive into Refinement, we wanted to share a couple of additional tips that we know the Fowler Center is keen for you to focus on:

Keep for-profits top of mind 

While we know businesses can't achieve world benefit on their own, they are an important driver of change in our challenge. Let's be sure that our concepts fully address how for-profit companies are part of our solution.

Identify opportunities to create 'turning-point innovations' 

We're not just focused on corporate philanthropy or charity in this challenge; instead we want to set up systems, supports and services that enable businesses to design innovations that change our world. How can our concepts catalyse this kind of innovative thinking and action?

Outline long-term, scalable impact

While acting quickly and locally is important, we're especially eager to hear how these ideas can be scaled beyond local geographies and have a real, lasting and global impact. What might it take for our concepts to impact the lives of people worldwide, well into the future?
We also want to take a moment to recognise our Honorable Mentions for this challenge:
Expats as World Benefit Agents by Friends of Friends
GreenMoney by Simon Fich
And with that, it's time to refine! Head over to the Refinement phase to check out our shortlist and join our continued efforts to design for world benefit.
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I was glad to read about the Business Impact Shortlist, however I did not understand its meaning and I will ask Jack Mason Manchester about it. I hope he helps me and explain it to me in detail.

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