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Atrocity Prevention Challenge Community Champion: Apply Now

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We’re experimenting on OpenIDEO as we’re keen to empower collaborators from our community to join us in helping shape the future of our platform. With the launch of our Atrocity Prevention Challenge there’s one spot for a switched-on community member, in a voluntary role, to help us figure out ways to deepen the community experience.

We’re asking for four hours of your time per week and you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Your input will help our team:
  • Pick featured inspirations and ideas on our platform
  • Identify themes emerging from our inspiration
  • Select the shortlisted ideas that go on to the Refinement phase

As they say, with more power comes more responsibility. In addition to experimenting with these key points in the process, we’d like your help with:
  • Inviting other switched-on folk to join our challenge
  • Connecting similar ideas together to make them stronger
  • Writing a weekly post to highlight our community’s awesome deeds!
  • Helping us encourage transformation from ideas to action and impact
We’ll also be keen to hear other thoughts on how you might help us step things up a notch.

Does this sound like you? Do you have eagle eyes for what drives engagement and impact? If so, give us your best 250 words or less in response to each of these questions by 9:00 am PST March 14, 2013 to apply.
  • Why do you think you would be an awesome Community Champion on our Atrocity Prevention Challenge?
  • What experience, skills and networks do you have which are relevant to this role?
  • What online communities do you belong to?
  • Can you provide examples of your writings online?
  • How might you decide which inspirations and ideas to feature each week?
  • What themes have you seen in the Inspiration phase so far?
  • Describe how you might creatively attract new people to join our community for this challenge.

Please also include your name, OpenIDEO username, location and email address. Keep in mind that this is a four hour per week commitment and is an experimental role. Applications are due Thursday March 14, 2013 and the position will begin the week of March 18, 2013. Please send all applications to
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