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Announcing the Connecting Communities Winning Concepts

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The Collaboration Map shows how our efforts informed the Winning Concepts.
In mid-October we asked an important and new question of our global community: How might we inspire and enable communities to take more initiative in making their local environments better?
In partnership with Singapore's National Environment Agency, our Connecting Communities Challenge asked each of us to consider what 'community' means to us, and to identify how our society, non-profits, and companies could help build more connections in local communities.
Over the course of the last three months, we inspired one another through stories and insights, and collaborated together to design concepts that connect communities together. Most recently, our global community worked together on refining and evaluating our top concepts.
This week the OpenIDEO team met with our challenge sponsors at Singapore's National Environment Agency to review all of your efforts and choose the Winning Concepts. We examined the community's Evaluation scores and considered which concepts had grown and evolved the most during the Refinement phase.  
Taking all of those factors and inputs into account, our challenge team identified 10 Winning Concepts that we felt not only answered the challenge question, but also reflected our sponsor's objectives going forward.  After selecting the winners, they asked us to share this message with all of you:
"Thank you for the contributions, iterations, and energy you brought to this challenge. Your ideas remind us that the heart of caring for a neighbourhood is the community within it. We are excited to see how your concepts impact the relationships people have with each other and with their environments – in Singapore and beyond!
Seize the energy from building these amazing ideas and make a prototype to test them and bring your neighbourhood together. For more ideas, read these impact stories detailing what has happened to other ideas as they came to life."
While our congratulations go to the authors of the 10 Winning Concepts, as always on OpenIDEO the final winners reflect the collective contributions that each of you made through your comments, builds and feedback.  So with that we want to cheer on our entire community for joining this important, collaborative and inspiring conversation! Check out this challenge's Collaboration Map to see how each of our efforts informed the Winning Concepts.  
Thanks for reading this update, feel free to  head over to our Winning Concepts phase to share in our celebration of our collaborative efforts to design better, together!
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Connecting Communities Challenge


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