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Announcing our Women's Safety Challenge Shortlist!

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The Women’s Safety Challenge has been a truly unique experience here on OpenIDEO. The first of a series of Amplify challenges – a collaboration with made possible with funding from UK’s Department of International Development – we’ve been fortunate to able to experiment and explore our challenge approach and process in fresh ways from the very beginning.


We’ve seen an inspiring level of global collaboration between NGOs, students, social entrepreneurs, designers and more. The challenge engaged an unprecedented 4000 global participants and nearly 600 idea contributions – with community members joining the conversation from 42 countries. We welcomed a fresh wave of new members from implementing organisations worldwide and we witnessed a wonderful coming together of individuals and organisations who usually don’t have a space to collaborate on international development issues. Our Amplify Team also experimented with new methods to expand the outreach of our platform to individuals with little to no access to internet, which diversified community perspective in thoughtful new ways.

For the past few days our online OpenIDEO community has participated in an online Evaluation phase, during which they weighed 52 ideas against a set of established evaluation criteria. Simultaneously, the Amplify Team completed an offline evaluation using the same criteria. It was no easy task narrowing down these incredible ideas to just a few, as everyone did an amazing job collaborating and using community feedback to move their ideas forward. 

Now we’re honoured to announce our Shortlisted Ideas – a portfolio of 15 top concepts that are geographically diverse, address the challenge brief through different approaches and demonstrate a high potential to impact the lives of women and girls living in low-income urban areas. 


Over the coming month, the Amplify Team and a panel of subject-matter experts will select a subset of ideas from the Shortlist to receive seed funding (up to a combined-total of $500,000) and/or design support from a team of designers. The goal of this financial and design support is to help these ideas – and the teams behind them – to continue making progress toward implementation and impact. 

The ideas that receive this support will be selected based on where the Amplify program can have the greatest catalysing effect. We call this phase 'Funded Ideas'. The Amplify Team is also committed to supporting the Shortlisted ideas that do not move on to the Funded Ideas phase by providing specific, tailored feedback and sharing other opportunities for partnerships as they arise.

Above and beyond the ideas receiving support from the Amplify Team, there are many community ideas that can still benefit from our collective skills, networks and prototyping abilities. Let’s consider which ideas might be interesting to implement in our own communities – either individually or by partnering with an organisation. How might we continue to make low-income urban areas safer and more empowering for women and girls once this challenge has concluded? As you continue to seek impact in your community be sure to share your stories in our Impact phase once it opens in a few weeks. 

The Women’s Safety Challenge has been an incredible journey full of moments that demonstrate the inspiring and collaborative nature of our community. We have been humbled by the quality and quantity of ideas contributed from all over the world and we look forward to taking these learnings forward into our next Amplify challenge. Hope to see you there!


Congrats to our Honourable Mentions! We're excited to highlight these ideas that have great potential for impact and did a fantastic job during the Refinement phase. 


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Women's Safety Challenge


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