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Announcing our Winning Ideas for Creative Confidence

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The Collaboration Map shows how each of us contributed to this challenge journey.
When we first launched the Creative Confidence Challenge in September, our instincts told us that this would be a fun and engaging topic to tackle. Little did we know just how much! In fact t his challenge broke new ground – and new records – for OpenIDEO: in 13 weeks we collectively contributed 614 ideas , 1,110 inspirations , over 7,800 comments and more than 9,800 applauds!
But even when we look beyond the numbers, this challenge represented a new level of community interest and involvement in bringing ideas to life locally. From an early moment in the Ideas phase, community members from around the world were testing their ideas through prototyping, interviewing end-users and designing visuals to illustrate their thinking. This kind of hands-on, iterative action only intensified during  Refinement – where our Top 22 authors and the greater community joined forces to continue building out the shortlisted ideas.
Recently the OpenIDEO team met with our friends from the at Stanford, the YMCA of Silicon Valley and IDEO – including Tom and David Kelley – to review all of the Refinement updates from our Top 22. As the group read through all of the updated submissions, watched all of the new videos and checked out the revised visuals and mockups, it was clear to everyone that this had been a remarkable Refinement phase and overall challenge effort. During this workshop the team also reviewed the community's Evaluation results, compared those scores against their own and ultimately decided on  nine winning ideas.
We often hear from community members – folks just joining our platform as well as veteran OpenIDEATORS – about what it means to win. For each challenge the answer is slightly different based on the question we're asking and the solutions we're seeking. Yet across all of our challenges, the winning ideas always represent the ones that best answer our challenge question, that address our sponsor's goals and that excite and energise our community toward action. For the Creative Confidence Challenge, nine ideas stood out as being the best representations of those three priority areas. Some are ideas that our sponsor or partners are eager to take forward, while others already have a lot of community momentum and action behind them. We can't wait to see how these ideas evolve over time and to share their stories as they come in.
While there are ultimately nine winning ideas that felt like the right solutions for this challenge, there were over 600 other ideas submitted that might be a perfect fit in your local community. On OpenIDEO every idea submitted is available for all of us to learn from, get inspired by and try out where we live. So, whether you're excited about your own idea or someone else's, we encourage you to take an idea forward – either on your own or by partnering with your network – to see what impact you can achieve. And don't forget to let everyone know about your progress.
Although this challenge was about inspiring young people to cultivate their own creative confidence, we at OpenIDEO felt our own creative confidence grow throughout this journey and we hope the same is true for you. Cheers for being part of such an inspiring and fun effort! Now, let's head over to the Winning Ideas phase and join in the community's celebration.
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