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Announcing our Web Start-up Winning Concepts

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Check out our collective efforts in the Web Start-up Challenge Collaboration Map.
In our Web Start-up Challenge, OpenIDEO and the European Commission asked our community to help us tackle an important question: how might we support web entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses?
Over the course of our Inspiration phase, we learned about how start-ups get started - from the founders who plan and launch, to the policies, incentives and support systems that surround them. Then, during Concepting and Refinement, we designed and iterated new solutions to support a thriving online entrepreneurial culture in Europe and globally. Most recently, in Evaluation, you weighed in with your feedback and ratings to help us pick our Winning Concepts. In just over one week, you submitted 515 evaluations! 
Last week, with your evaluation feedback in hand, the OpenIDEO team sat down with the European Commission and our Advisory Panel members ( listed here) to review your thoughts and share our own insights on the Top 20 shortlisted concepts.
As is the case at this stage in any OpenIDEO challenge, the Winning Concepts decision represents a mix of your input (Evaluation results, community comments, and applause) and the subject-matter expertise that our sponsor and advisory panel members bring to the table. In our conversation together, we asked ourselves a number of questions, including:
  • which concepts had the highest community ratings?
  • which concepts are most 'doable' from the sponsor's perspective?
  • which concepts showed the most progress in Refinement?
  • what's already been tried?
  • what's a fresh or novel approach that could get implemented?
Isidro Ballesteros (l) from the European Commission and Tom Hulme (r) from OpenIDEO discuss the Top 20 concepts.
After hours of engaged discussion, we emerged with a list of 10 Winning Concepts that we feel best answer our challenge question and present the most potential for supporting web start-ups in Europe and around the world.
We also want to take a moment to recognise the constructive and critical role that each of you played in helping these winning ideas reach their potential. 
As always on OpenIDEO, our challenges represent journeys where each of us plays an integral part in shaping the outcome – from applause and comments, to inspiring one another and building on each other's ideas. In short, thanks and congratulations to each of you – it's been a collaborative, fun ride for all of us.
So with that, head over to the Winning Concepts phase and check out our Top 10!
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