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Announcing our Voting Challenge Shortlist

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How might we bring our Top 20 shortlist to life through refinement and prototyping?
It's time to gear up for our fast and fun-filled Voting Challenge Refinement phase, where our collaborative community focuses our attention on iterating and building out the top 20 ideas. But before we jump in to refining these shortlisted ideas, let's share a little about how this shortlist came to be.
Throughout Concepting, you wowed us with 155 concepts to improve election accessibility, with many of the ideas evolving over time thanks in large part to all of your comments and suggestions. It was a tall order but recently ITIF, LA County and OpenIDEO came together to review the concepts and select the ones we thought best addressed our challenge question and goals (which we've spoken about in our Tips for Concepting Parts I and II, as well as our Guiding Principles). 
Knowing that we can't decide the shortlist on our own, we also looked to you during our quick-fire Applause phase to hear which concepts had you buzzing with energy and excitement. Using your applause and comments as a guide, we developed a shortlisted set of a high-tech apps, low-tech interventions, and lots of ideas in between – each with a unique and interesting take on our challenge topic.
The Refinement phase is a time for further development, iteration and in some cases, prototyping ( read more). How might we work together refine our shortlisted concepts with these points in mind?
Who is being supported by your idea? Who might be left out?
Let's try to be really clear about who our ideas are helping – who are we designing for and why? And might there be a way to adapt our designs to meet the needs of others? Our Concepting Personas could be a helpful guide here.
Focus on distinct moments, not the entire journey
The election experience can feel like an overwhelming, and nebulous, scenario to wrap our concepts around. How might we focus our concepts around more manageable and distinct moments, like the educational process before voting or the actual casting of a ballot? Rather than designing for everything, let's focus on which moment in time we're really aiming to improve.
Bring clarity and specificity to your concept
As you continue to refine, it's easy to want to just keep building and adding. But remember that editing is just as important as adding, if not more. Let's bring an eye for clarity and specificity to our efforts in Refinement, and remember that sometimes, less is more.
We'd also like to take a moment to recognise the Honorable Mentions for this challenge:
DIY Absentee Ballots by Rachel Happen
Ready to Vote Toolkit by Zhou Joseph
Streamlined Absentee Voting by Andrew Baranak
Tell a Story, Enact a Scene by Priyanka Kodikal
Vote Van by Cornellopenstorm
Voting with a Touch by Patricio M. Hidalgo
Yelp for Poll Stations by Lucy Campbell
And with that, it's time to start refining! So whether your concept moved on to the shortlist, or you're ready to collaborate on someone else's idea – let's put our heads together to make our shortlist even more ready for the real world.


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Accessible Voting Challenge


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