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Announcing our Community Activator for the End of Life Challenge

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The Community Activator role is something new we’re excited to introduce in the End of Life Challenge. In preparation for this challenge, we reached out to one of our top OpenIDEO contributors, Jim Rosenberg, to co-create this special leadership role for uncovering first-hand stories from the people we’re designing for.

Jim will be talking to people to collect their unique perspectives on the end-of-life experience in a video interview series called ‘First Person.’ Over the course of this challenge, he’ll also be generating content to spark new thinking around some of the less-obvious and overlooked topic areas of discussion. Let’s take a moment to learn more about Jim, his goals for this challenge and what being a Community Activator means to him.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I work with purpose-driven organizations to explore, design, and build new initiatives. I've been working on new ideas of one type or another for most of my career, first in the tech industry and later as an executive and consultant in the mission-driven sector. I love the way people can come together, with the right process and facilitation, to find new possibilities in themselves and for the world around us. I believe we can find better answers for just about anything if we're willing to take the risk, be wrong sometimes, and allow ourselves to change.

What does it mean to be the Community Activator for this challenge?

The OpenIDEO community produces such great insight. Sometimes in challenges, there are questions that aren't getting explored as much as others, or a post opens a new path for discussion. I’m hoping to find some interesting voices and content that can help us explore the space as fully as possible and dig into those questions. As with everything else that happens in a Challenge, I hope we can keep iterating and improving the role together.

What's one thing you're hoping to see from the OpenIDEO community in this challenge?

I value the openness of this community -- to the experiences of others, to taking risks in public, to sharing and listening, and to new ideas even if they are surprising or uncomfortable. I am excited to see openness produce an exceptionally honest and creative conversation about the way we experience the end of life. I don’t think we get that very often -- the chance to really talk with each other about life’s biggest questions and how we really want to be as a community.

How might people collaborate with you in the upcoming weeks?

I’m excited to help out in this role, and I see myself as just one contributor. I’m hoping to add posts that include an interesting question and a call to action for us as a community. I’d love to see posts from others that build on that seed and really explore the topic. I’d also love to have conversations with the community that help me keep learning, think about things differently, and make the role more useful over time.

Join Jim and the rest of the OpenIDEO community in the End of Life Challenge.

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