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Announcing our Community Champions for the Financial Longevity Challenge!

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We’re excited to introduce you to Nicole Lopez-Conti, our Financial Inclusion Outreach Ambassador and Jaskeerat Bedi, our Community Cross-Pollinator, for the Financial Longevity Challenge. They’ll be working with the OpenIDEO team to build connections and facilitate conversations between like-minded people in our global community. In the upcoming weeks, Jaskeerat and Nicole will also be working to strengthen collaborations in the Inspiration and Ideas phases of this challenge.

Nicole Lopez-Conti is a community leader and philanthropy and communications consultant who is passionate about leveraging social science to help communities thrive. Nicole was recognized as an OpenIDEO Top Idea Winner from the OpenIDEO Financial Empowerment Challenge for her idea, Re-look.

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Jaskeerat Bedi is currently an Innovation Consultant at Verizon and an ethical contributor to how technology shapes human behavior. She is also an avid coffee and tea drinker and biking enthusiast. Jaskeerat was recognized as a Top Idea Winner from the OpenIDEO Affordable Higher Ed Challenge for her idea, The 3C Fund.

In this challenge, why will building connections between community members be important?

Jaskeerat: The ethos of open innovation is being able to co-create, to move from "my idea" to "our contribution". This can happen only when we as a community start connecting with each other.

Nicole: Some of the greasiest creative moments spark from the magic that human synergy creates. Understanding new perspectives from one another helps us to see problems from different angles. Drawing on inspiration from each other, we can build on each other's creativity.

What's one thing you're hoping to see in this Financial Longevity Challenge?

Nicole: Figuring out implementable solutions to help people realize dreams in this phase of life would be a dream. I feel like it's our challenge to help people create more space for what's most important wth our time on Earth, financial peace fuels so much of that.

Jaskeerat: I am hoping for a mad hatter idea to emerge from this challenge, something that is seriously impactful and spontaneously fun at the same time!

Where do you hope to be when you're 50?

Jaskeerat: Healthy enough to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, (intellectually) wealthy enough to be a successful author of a graphic novel and wise enough to still be curious!

Nicole: Living a life of adventure and giving, in many places of the world, a few months at a time. I hope to always be able to keep our home in the Bay Area and share it through short term house swaps with people from everywhere. If my family could do short term, international projects focusing on economic empowerment, we'd be over the moon.

Join Nicole, Jaskeerat and the rest of the OpenIDEO community in the Financial Longevity Challenge!

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