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An Insider Scoop on Impact for Amplify

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At OpenIDEO we are always looking for ways to help our community increase the impact they achieve from our challenges. Our Amplify challenges are providing the chance to do just that as we roll out some exciting new features – including new funding and design support opportunities made possible by DFID. We sat down with members of the Amplify Team to get an insider's scoop on how these challenges are different from other OpenIDEO challenges and why they are especially excited for the Amplify Program.

Nathan Waterhouse (OpenIDEO), Sean Hewens ( and Nicki Goh (UK Department of International Development) share their thoughts with the OpenIDEO community:

Question 1: How are Amplify challenges different from other OpenIDEO challenges?

Nathan: The difference happens at the end of the process. We have a new phase called Shortlist where we will be announcing a select group of ideas which will be chosen based on their potential for impact. Part of what we will also be doing during the Shortlist phase is considering which ideas will move forward to the Funded Impact phase. In this phase we will be announcing a handful of ideas which will be receiving funding and design support from


Question 2: Who can participate in Amplify challenges and who is eligible for funding and design support?

Nathan: It doesn’t matter if you are an implementing organization, an individual anywhere in the world or an old time OpenIDEO community member, the community will love to read and contribute to your idea.

Nicki: DFID will provide up to $500.000 dollars to take forward certain ideas for implementation within our focus countries. We are also planning to connect other selected ideas with alternative funders whenever possible.

Question 3: What happens once I submit my idea? 

Nathan: When submitting an idea it’s important to remember that you are submitting to an open source process. This means that submitted  ideas are available for anyone to take forward through a creative commons license approach. Part of the reason we do that is that we believe in openness and we also want to increase the maximum likelihood of impact. This means that even though there will be ideas at the end of the process that we will formally try to support, the ideas inside the Ideas phase are available for anyone to take forward. 

Question 4: What excites you about the Amplify Program?

Nathan: The Amplify Program has turned the existing model for international development upside down. This program is deliberately looking at forcing collaboration across different silos as well as trying to bring new actors into the development space. 

Sean: One of our objectives is to figure out how to get implementing organisations participating on OpenIDEO. We also want to encourage the participation of users with no access to the Internet like a fourteen-year-old girl living in the outskirts of Delhi. 


To hear more tips & tricks on designing great solutions for this challenge, watch Nathan, Nicki and Sean’s full interview.

Still have questions? Check out Amplify's FAQ page for more info.

There’s no time like the present to make a difference. Hope to see you around OpenIDEO soon!

The OpenIDEO Team

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I wish to thank the OpenIDEO Team for be able to come up with this new model to increase partnership and collaboration in international development. I believe that this initiative will not only increase partnership and resource mobilization but will also provide the platform for local organization Like ASPI around the world access and opportunity to showcase the impact of their development and humanitarian works. Testimonies tell the impact and the achievements of an ideal initiatives. these ideal initiatives that has worked by assisting the less-privileged people and communities in Africa and other continent could be supported to expand to new communities and people sustainably. thank you