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Introducing Amplify's In-Country Manager Program

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Amplify aims to make international aid more inclusive and human-centered. We have created the In Country Manager program to nurture a diverse network of local individuals and organizations and increase their participation in Amplify Challenges.  We are currently focused on nurturing this program in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal but hope to scale it in the future.


Rebecca Mincy // Kenya
In addition to being an In Country Manager, Rebecca is also a member of the portfolio team for Acumen’s East Africa Office.

“I hope to support the development of a cross-functional, interdisciplinary team of “champions for children” who will breathe energy and innovation into addressing the health and wellness needs of Kenya’s youngest citizens."
Agraj Dangal // Nepal
Agraj has been working with entrepreneurship development for the past two years and is involved in the trading business.

“I'll be working to increase the voices of my local community in the Zero to Five Challenge."
Richard Zulu // Uganda
Richard is the founder and lead of Outbox, a technology hub space in Kampala, Uganda.

“I'll be conducting outreach, gathering and sharing information and employing human centered design, with the goal of incorporating more people into our global conversation.”
Jaquiline Peter // Tanzania
Jaquie is a lawyer based in Arusha,Tanzania.

“I'll be working to amplify the Tanzanian community in the Zero to Five Challenge.“


As part of their efforts to strengthen and convene a network around the Zero to Five Challenge, our In-Country Manager cohort hosts meetups in each country. They've convened implementing organizations, designers, entrepreneurs  and innovators to brainstorm and share their ideas. 

Check out pictures from these generative brainstorms:

Ideas Phase Kenya Meeting: This past week Rebecca brought together a pastor, a GIS mapping professional, community activist, a developer and an occupational therapist, in addition to other individuals  and organizations.


Ideas Phase Nepal Meeting: Agraj kicked off the first Kathmandu meetup by inviting a winner from Amplify’s first challenge, WHR, to inspire other innovators and organizations around the Zero to Five Challenge.


Ideas Phase Uganda Meeting: Richard convened 15 people from different organizations working on early childhood development. They gathered at the Outbox Hub, a space he founded and leads.


The team will continue to nurture the Amplify ecosystem around this challenge in their countries by hosting two more meetups each and expanding and diversifying the network of locals. 

If you are in any of these countries and are interested in participating, please let us know by emailing We will be sure to include you in the mail list for upcoming meetups and events.

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