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Amplify: Tips on Sharing Your Impact Story

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Here at OpenIDEO, impact can take many shapes and sizes – from small actions you've taken in your local community after reading our challenge conversations all the way to new social enterprises or services that grow out of challenge ideas – and everything in between. If you are finding a way to bring an OpenIDEO idea, conversation or collaboration to life – we want to celebrate your efforts, encourage others to join and support you plus inspire people to create impact in their own communities.

You can share your impact updates via the ‘Add Your Story’ button on our challenge Impact phases. When you click on that button, you’ll see a submission form – much like the one you use to contribute Research or Ideas entries to OpenIDEO – with a few prompts to help you get started. If you’re eager to share your story of impact with our community, here are a few tips to help your story shine:

Clarify Connections
For our challenge Impact phases, our goal is to surface and celebrate prototyping, building, learning, implementation and impact stories that specifically relate to OpenIDEO community ideas or conversations. When you start to draft out your Impact story, help to make connections between your story and the Amplify challenge that inspired you by asking yourself: How might I make my story clear to a new reader who doesn't know the background of the idea(s) from which my impact story emerged?  Then, as you fill out the submission form, be sure to be clarify how your story relates back to the Amplify challenge you’re posting to. Aim to be concise yet informative and don't forget about adding relevant posts via our Build Upon feature and through links from within your story.

Share User Feedback
Given all of our human-centered focus on OpenIDEO, including some end user feedback could really help us all understand the impact your idea is having on the ground. Consider adding photos of people interacting with your idea and sharing some quotes from end users of how they are benefitting from the idea. These will speak volumes about the impact you're having in their own words.

Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination
There’s a common tendency with impact stories to want to over emphasise the result and declare, ‘It’s finished!’ before sharing it on OpenIDEO. But as anyone who’s gone from an idea to implementation would agree, the road to impact is very long and very winding, with many lessons learnt along the way. Sometimes even failure provides insights which will be valuable for others to learn from. So don’t feel like you have to wait till your efforts are finished before sharing your story with our community. In fact, progress updates, lessons learned, challenges faced and roadblocks encountered are all welcome. The more we can each share our process and progress along the way, the more we can uncover and understand what our paths to impact truly look like. And together we can learn from issues that each of us have faced along the way.

Give Others a Chance to Join In
Not sure how to take your next step in evolving your impact further? In need of help to continue bringing your idea to life? The best way to end your Impact story is with a call to action: how can other members of the OpenIDEO community support your efforts to achieve impact? Our community is filled with action-takers – so let them know what help you could benefit from or where you’re getting stuck. Whether it’s helping you prototype further, offering specific skills or spreading the word – we’re certain the OpenIDEO community will be eager to support your journey towards impact.
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