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Amnesty Challenge Concepts Continue to Evolve

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The recent IDEO London Make-a-thon brought together makers, hackers, designers and OpenIDEO collaborators to explore and prototype a range of projects focused on social good. Amongst them were four briefs which arose from our recent Amnesty Challenge on unlawful detention. 
Protect Yourself
Protect Yourself created a live prototype of an Amnesty Checklist platform where activists, family, and friends can seek advice about unlawful detention. The team worked with Amnesty subject matter experts to create the content for these checklists as well as building the platform to host them.
Take a look at the live prototype!
Team: Amjad Baiazy, Ben Morgan, Dan Townsend, Danilo di Cuia, Sabrina Tucci.
Don’t Panic
The team built an alert app and platform for signaling “at risk” situations using Google Maps and HTML5 technologies. Accessible via mobile browsers by those at risk, individuals can hit the alert button to register when they’re in danger of being taken, sending their location and details. A group of volunteers monitor the platform and in turn alert the relevant organizations.
Check out the live panic button:

And the monitoring interface:
Team: Bianca Hollis, Jill Irving, Zaynab Leeya
The team built an app to help people record and upload human rights violations. Using HTML5 and Phonegap, they were able to create a working app for the iPhone that allows users to record video or photos and upload details about the imagery to a secure server.
Team: Ilias Bartolini, Laurian Gridinoc, Ralf Rebmann, Tristam Sparks
A web service for determining if an ‘at risk’ activist has gone offline and may need help. The service monitors a user’s social media usage and alerts those in their network if they haven’t registered any activity for a period of time. This is a subtle way of detecting when someone may be missing, without relying on the person to be proactive.
The Github repository for the service:
Team: Fergus Doyle, Gerard Rallo, Joe Lanman.
Feel free to swing by and participate in ongoing collaborative conversations on the Make-a-thon projects over at our Make-a-thon User Forum. Check out more, including learnings from the Make-a-thon experience, posted on IDEO Labs.
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