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Agricultural Innovation Weekly Highlights – April 15, 2016

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Over the course of the Agricultural Innovation Challenge, we'll be featuring highlights of contributions from each of our themed mission areas. This week, we've seen an incredible number of inspirations and thought-starters from our global community. As the Ideas Phase progresses, we would love for you to spread the word and invite organizations working within these focus areas to join the challenge!

Mission 1: Access to Financial Resources

Rural Financing –  A rural financing plan that will provide pre-season and post-harvest financial services to smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Mission 2: Connection to Markets – An online marketplace for agriculture in Tanzania where farmers can seek out market prices, connect with buyers and arrange for crop transportation.

Mission 3: Access to Information

Afribotix – A project to build low-cost drones with sensors that will help expose irrigation problems, soil variations, and pest infections for farmers in Nigeria.

Mission 4: Storage and Processing

Post-harvest Storage – An initiative to deploy stand-alone solar powered tents that will help smallholder farmers in East Africa extend the shelf life of their produce.

We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas for bringing agricultural innovation to small-scale farming communities. Join the challenge to help improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers by reducing food waste and spoilage!

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Agricultural Innovation Challenge


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