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At OpenIDEO, our hope is that our Challenges will be reflective of our times – and the great capability of our community. It's for this reason we chose to partner with GHR Foundation, an organization with a shared vision and ambition to help solve urgent global challenges in new ways. As we near the end of our first BridgeBuilder Challenge, let’s get to know GHR Foundation, our partner and sponsor in creating the BridgeBuilder Program.

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We’re so excited that we’re just two weeks into the Ideas phase and together we’ve already shared over 100 ideas aimed at addressing emergent needs intersecting peace, prosperity, and planet! We want you to keep them coming and thought we’d share with you some of the things we are looking for. In the spirit of human centered design, we want to show, not tell – so we’ve created this sample idea:

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As we brainstorm new solutions for our first BridgeBuilder Challenge, the team reflected on some of our Funded Ideas from past global development focused Challenges and found some of the features that made them such great ideas. Here are few pointers from some of the concepts that made it to the end of the challenge.

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Over the course of the Future of Higher Ed Challenge, we'll be featuring Q&As with our Challenge Sponsors, the organizations and individuals who have partnered with us in building this Challenge, and will play a significant role in supporting top ideas moving forward. This week, let’s get to know USA Funds, one of our 4 Challenge sponsors.

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Welcome to 2015, a year when scientists have documented the hottest global temperatures since record keeping began, analysts have recorded the most solar industry jobs since record keeping began, and Congress has begun its assault on clean air, clean water, and clean energy -- perhaps the most misguided policy-making initiative since -- well, you get the point.

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CGI's Danielle Goonan joins us to discuss the Youth Employment Challenge. "In the wake of the global economic crisis, young people are truly rewriting the workforce and finding innovative ways to create new opportunities using their unique skills and knowledge. We are seeing young entrepreneurs spring up in communities around the world, tackling old challenges and bringing new solutions to market."

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As we dive into the Ideas phase of our Youth Mentor Challenge, let’s get energised by a truly dynamic library of insights, stories and examples that paint a vibrant story around mentorship. These 200+ Research contributions form a collective dialogue on the importance of generations coming together to support one another and we couldn’t be more excited to see these translated into transformational ideas over the next few weeks.

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With a week left in the Refinement phase there’s still plenty of time to practice collaboration and create clarity around concepts. We've been so inspired by the buzzing of prototype proactivity – from Amanda’s paper prototype game that she tested with her younger family member, to Kenneth’s augmented reality appprototype which you can download and try at home. And we love how the Trash Talk Team have divided their office into two competing teams to see who can recycle the most. Let's make the most of these final days with a few thought starters:  

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Our monthly featured collaborator from the awesome OpenIDEO community. This time round: a management consultant and global citizen with a focus – who we gave a job!

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You may have noticed in the past year some small & large evolutions of the platform. We want you to know that OpenIDEO is a living, breathing platform, constantly improving and creating impact with the help of our community. With our latest design refresh now launched, I wanted to give you some insight into our process of evolution and the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

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