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One of the great features of the Ground Miles app, which evolved from our Workplace Wellness Challenge, is the ability to form teams and track your collective progress plus motivate yourself to walk more for your team as well as your own health. So here's where you come in: we've set up a Ground Miles team for our OpenIDEO community and we're keen for you to join up to help reach the goal of 5 million miles. You've all collaborated in so many ways to awesome ideas on OpenIDEO, now let's join forces to get active and create impact!

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We're thrilled with the deluge of participating in the Workplace Wellness Challenge! As we turn towards Refinement the name of the game is adding meat to the bones of these concepts. To help our sponsor has suggested a few questions they've been considering when reading through your work.

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Update: We were so stoked about our community's awesome support on the back of our pre-Christmas site outage that we're upgrading our donation to $2420 to further help the International Diabetes Foundation: $10 for each concept submitted right throughout the challenge. Beyond wanting to help support workplace wellness, we've loved the activity and energy that went into the Concepting phase despite our temporary server outage. Thanks for all your stellar contributions and generosity.

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Our Workplace Wellness Concepting phase is cruising along as community members from around the world share their thoughts, experiences and concepts. To expand the conversation we checked in with Beth Worrall, Senior Sustainability Manager at Bupa -- a leading international healthcare group that provides care homes, hospitals and health insurance to over 11 million customers worldwide.

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During our Workplace Wellness Challenge Inspiration phase, our global and engaged community shared over 330 inspirations to help us all learn more about health and wellness in our work environments and our communities. Now it's time to dive into our dynamic and collaborative Concepting phase, where each of us designs ideas to create healthy communities within and beyond the workplace.

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Folks from IDEO London have been getting out and about and talking to inspiring, proactive players in the realm of workplace health for our Workplace Wellness Challenge.

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