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​For over three and a half months, OpenIDEO has brought together ideators from around the world to take a human centered approach to solutions with the potential to improve the lives of parents and young children. We have been so impressed with the quality of the ideas that have been generated and the rich conversations that have been a part of this challenge from the very beginning. Join us in celebrating these inspiring solutions for early childhood development:

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The Refinement phase is an opportunity to start thinking about how our great ideas might play out in real life. Questions like how might we test the assumptions that underly our ideas? play a really important role in this process – but it can be difficult to know where to start. We asked designers from IDEO’s New York and Shanghai studios take a look at the first five ideas that were selected for the Refinement Shortlist, and they offered thoughtful feedback on ways to push these ideas forward. Some of the tips they gave apply to many ideas on the platform – so we’re sharing some highlights with the whole community.

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Amplify aims to make international aid more inclusive and human-centered. We have created the In Country Manager program to nurture a diverse network of local individuals and organizations and increase their participation in Amplify Challenges.  We are currently focused on nurturing this program in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal but hope to scale it in the future.

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We're halfway through the Ideas phase of the Zero to Five Challenge and many thoughtful ideas are already emerging from all over the world – from solutions that integrate parenting support with broader community structures, to creative ways to harness the power of play, to ideas on improving hygiene and nutrition. We’re also seeing lots of comments and feedback from the OpenIDEO community, with many of you jumping in to lend your expertise and join teams! Let’s keep up this inspiring momentum as we continue through the second half of the Ideas phase. Check out these tools:

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As we brainstorm new solutions for our Zero to Five Challenge, the Amplify Team reflected on some of our Funded Ideas from our first challenge on Women's Safety and found some of the features that made them such great ideas. Here are few pointers from some of the concepts that made it to the end of the challenge.

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We’re so excited that we’re just two weeks into the Ideas phase and together we’ve already shared over 150 ideas aimed at ensuring children thrive in their first five years! We want you to keep them coming and thought we’d share with you some of the things we are looking for. In the spirit of human centered design, we want to show, not tell – so we’ve created this sample idea:

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We’re four weeks into our Zero to Five Challenge and in the middle of an exciting global conversation about what it takes to ensure children thrive. In the Research phase, we’ve learned from experts, personal experiences and success stories from around the world.

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Recently, with the launch of the Amplify program, we’ve been working with the team to think about what inclusivity and collaboration mean when the solutions we design are targeted towards communities that lack reliable access to the internet. After testing the use of Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology during the Ideas phase of our last Amplify challenge, we’ve launched a Global Conversations project that will help make our Zero to Five challenge truly inclusive – connecting the OpenIDEO platform with individuals and community groups in the developing world.

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The Amplify Team is getting ready for our second challenge launching in September. In this challenge we’ll be tackling Early Childhood Development and asking our community to collaboratively design inspiring new ways to help parents and primary caregivers, especially those living in low-income areas, give children the best possible start in life. In order engage local communities, some which don’t have access to the internet, we are currently developing several prototypes one to start local Amplify hubs and a second one to extend the OpenIDEO platform to communities with limited or no access to the Internet.

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